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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers



EJ implores Sami to keep her mouth shut to Rafe about the ransom note. Sami hates keeping secrets from Rafe, but is driven by finding her daughter and agrees. Meanwhile, EJ heads to the penthouse with a video of Sydney which shows the tot alive and well. This has Sami over the moon and she and EJ share a close moment. Their close moment ends when EJ tells Sami he believes the ransom note is bogus, causing Sami to lose it.

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EJ fills Anna in on what's going on and she rips him a new one for the hell he's causing Sami, making him ponder everything he's doing. EJ starts to come to the conclusion his games and antics against Sami aren't giving him the satisfaction he was looking for. Later, EJ shows up to the Brady Pub with Sydney in tow. Sami's elated over the return of her baby girl and thanks EJ for bringing her back.

Rafe: He finds out Sami's been hiding things from him. Later, Arianna tells Rafe to cut Sami some slack.

Nathan: He confesses he still cares for Melanie.

Melanie: She has a showdown with Stephanie.

Kate: She tries to squash the drama.

Chloe: She visits with Nicole and fills her in about Sydney.

Brady: He goes to Chloe for help.

Daniel/Melanie/Carly: Melanie awakens to discover Daniel sitting beside her. At first she thinks she's going to die because Daniel's eyeballing her in a weird way, but he quells her fears. He tells her the surgery went well and she's on the road to recovery. Daniel attempts to tell Melanie he's her dad, but Philip comes in. Daniel meets with Carly again and lights into her for keeping quiet about Melanie, not knowing Carly filled Chloe in on all of it. Later, Nathan gets word about Melanie being in the hospital and heads off to see her. The two have an awkward moment, but everything is smoothed over and the two enjoy each other's company.

The two start to discuss Nathan's letter to Melanie. When Stephanie arrives, Melanie deduces the two were on a trip together and is crushed. Afterwards, Bo comes by to get Melanie's statement and she tells him that Carly shot her on purpose and wants her to be charged! Bo tries to convince her not to have Carly arrested, but Melanie's driven by revenge on Carly for giving her up for adoption and not admitting in the beginning that she's her mother. Daniel comes back and fills her in on being her father and Melanie's thrilled by the revelation. She starts to rag on Carly, but Daniel pushes her to realize that Carly's not the vile person she's making her out to be. Daniel, along with Max and Maggie, get Melanie to recant her statement to Bo.