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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers


Adam/Sharon/Nick: Nick visits Sharon while Adam is mysteriously out. Nick tries to convince Sharon that Adam is a lying snake by presenting her with Skye's diary. Sharon once again tells Nick she has faith in her man and isn't trying to hear what her ex has to say. In Sharon's mind everyone is being judgemental towards Adam because of his past. She also knows Nick is being driven by Phyllis and she doesn't believe anything Big Red has to say regarding her man. Nick implores Sharon to read the diary. She refuses. Nick decides to take matters into his own hands and starts reading it out loud. Sharon tries to drown out what Nick is saying, but she starts to listen when he reads a few paragraphs and Adam's lies hit her like a ton of bricks. Sharon finds out via Skye's diary Adam knew all about Dr. Taylor molesting his patients. Sharon is crushed by the lies Adam has told her since she thought he would be different from her former husbands.

Nick pushes Sharon to end her marriage and leave the house with him, but Sharon lets him know his days of riding in on a white horse are over! Sharon wants to deal with Adam herself. After Nick heads out, Sharon starts to read Skye's diary for herself and gets pissed by what she's reading. She calls Adam up acting as though everything's okay, because she wants to confront him in person. Adam is having some alone time due to it being a year since his mother died. Later, Sharon has a dream dealing with Adam and her baby. Ashley also has a dream a starts to remember things that her mind had previously blocked out.

Victor/Jack: The enemies decide to team up... AGAIN!

The pyro records Jana's saying Kevin won't stop looking for her and decides to edit out a few parts. Daisy manipulates it as though Jana begged her husband to quit his search for her. Daisy is hell bent on getting Kevin off her trail, so she plays the message for Kevin on the phone. Unfortunately for Daisy, Kevin isn't fooled. Jana keeps on trying to get through to Ryder in order to get home to Kevin. Ryder reveals Tom never abused him.

When it seems as though Jana's breaking Ryder's walls down, Daisy shows up and Jana has to start from scratch. Later, Kevin gets an anonymous tip planted by Daisy that has him heading to a hotel in Illinois. He gets some clues Daisy manufactured to have him believe Jana was having a romp with another man. Still unfazed, Kevin calls Jana's cell and tells her on voicemail he refuses to quit his search for her, which Jana hears courtesy of Ryder and Daisy. Daisy informs Jana unless she writes Kevin a Dear John letter, Ryder will harm him. Jana agrees in order to protect her husband.

Lily: She has to make a tough choice.

Daisy walks in on the two in a sticky position.

The lovebirds get a bit serious in their romance.