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Legendary All My Children Scribe Wisner Washam on Working with Agnes Nixon

During the 1970's and 1980's, actor-turned-writer Wisner Washam helped keep All My Children atop the ratings, alongside series creator Agnes Nixon. We Love Soaps recenly caught up with Washam, now in his 70's, to reflect on his tenure at AMC. Here's what the talented scribe had to say about his chemistry with Nixon:


We Love Soaps: Judith had moved to ALL MY CHILDREN after ANOTHER WORLD. Did it cross your mind that writing for the soap your wife was starring on was a bad idea?

Wisner Washam: Well, Agnes didn't think it was a good idea, except that she thought I was a good writer. But for about the first year I got no credit. No one knew I was writing it because they felt it would be nepotism because I was married to Judith who was the star of the show. Actors love to get to writers and put a bug in their ear. Judith didn't do that, God bless her, but others would have done that if they had known. So I was a closet writer for a year. We weren't required to be in the union at that point. The show wasn't unionized as far as writers went.

We Love Soaps: Your relationship with Agnes Nixon lasted for many years throughout the '70s and '80s.

Wisner Washam: She is a wonderful dreamer and I am a realist and that's one reason we worked well together. The combination was very workable and good for the show.

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