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Will Mathison and Lucci be in the DWTS Audience this Season?


ET Online tracked down former Dancing with the Stars contestants Cameron Mathison and Susan Lucci to find out if either All My Children star would be in the audience of the hit reality series' upcoming season now that AMC films in L.A..

"I definitely want to be in the audience," Susan tells ET. "I was so sad I could never come back and be in the audience, so I would love to do that. I also found out that they are looking for someone to host -- and they are looking perhaps to rotate people who have been on -- and that sounds like fun. To work with Tom Bergeron … he is so funny and quick, it would be great."

Cameron agrees, saying, "If they do a bunch of hosts, I think they would talk to me. I might be in the mix. If they do one person, I think it should be Melissa Rycroft. I work with her on live TV on 'Good Morning America.' She is one of the correspondents, too. She does a great job. She is a real fan favorite. She has good energy. I think she would get along great with Tom and the other cast members."

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