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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


I love Robin. I have since she showed up in town as a seven year-old and was never SORASed. My love however, has been tested these past few days. Why she thought it would be in Dante’s best interest to hear the Stone story is beyond me. It’s not like Dante even really knows her that well, so to confide something like that, just made me scratch my head. Sonny is not the same man he was with Stone. He’s gotten more power hungry as the years have gone by and that has made less caring and more blood thirsty, as evidenced by Sonny shooting an unarmed police officer in the middle of his living room. So what bearing a 1990 Sonny has on anything going on in Dante’s life right now, really makes no sense.


I also love Patrick. I was not happy with his behaviour toward Robin through all of this, especially when he walked into Dante’s room. He essentially ordered her out of the room to speak to her. You don’t talk to a colleague like that and certainly not if you’re married to her. Having said that, I did appreciate that he’s one of the few people in town who hate Sonny for shooting Dante.

I’m not sure what I expected with the courtroom story, but I guess I was hoping it would make sense and not be silly. I was wrong on both counts. Alexis and Diane are coming across as crazy and Claire’s coming across as incompetent. Why exactly did she put Dante on the stand? She asked him one question about the money, he said yes and then went into the shooting, which had nothing to do with whether or not Sonny has the funds to flee the country.

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As for Dante, I’m disappointed. I guess I was hoping for a soapy Friday cliffhanger when he admits that Sonny did in fact, shoot him point blank in the chest, but unfortunately, I didn’t get my wish. He lied again and made himself look like a moron who can't handle firearms, and he did so under oath. Thank you so much writers.

Lucky/Luke: I'm not sure how I felt about the whole thing. Lucky breaks into Johnny’s garage to look for the stolen shipment and finds Luke, who’s already found the shipment. Wow Johnny, you were never the winner at hide and seek were you?

I liked the Tracy/Ethan scene. She genuinely seems concerned about all of Luke’s kids, which is nice to see. I also liked Ethan’s explanation for why he would want to join Johnny. He has the same wanderlust that Luke’s always had.

Jason/Spinelli/Sam/Milo/Max: Am I the only one thinking there isn’t a working brain cell among them and this break out will be one heck of a big mess?

Funny line of the day:

“The eagle has landed.”

Jason: “If you’re going to use code, the other guy has to know what it means.”