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One Life to Live Spoilers!

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I hope everybody is ready for some great One Life to Live spoilers! A death, a roll in the hay, and the beginnings of a custody battle shake things up in Llanview. With that said, let's get into all the juicy spoilers for the week of March 1.

Andrew shows up out of the blue at La Boulaie to break some bad news to Dorian. He notifies her and the rest of the Cramer girls that Dorian's sister and Kelly's mother, Melinda, died from a heart attack in her sleep. Everyone is heartbroken by the news. Dorian immediately suspects Mitch is behind her sister's death. She decides to pay Mitch a visit.


Meanwhile in prison, one of Mitch's minions tells him that Melinda has been taken care of and everyone awaits further orders. Soon Dorian arrives and wants to know if things are even between them now that Melinda is dead. Mitch suddenly becomes very mysterious with Dorian, leaving her more confused that ever. What is Mitch up to now?

Jessica/Cristian/Layla/Brody: Jessica informs Cristian that in her mind, they are still in high school and in love. Cristian attempts to explain to Jessica that things are different now and his heart belongs to another. Jessica refuses to pretend to accept Cristian's new life. Later, Jessica sneaks out of the hospital to go see Cristian. Cristian is shocked to see Jessica again but decides to let her in his apartment. Jessica expresses her torment over her memory loss. However, her distress soon turns into anger once she realizes that Layla lives with Cristian. Soon after, in a ploy to stay close to Cristian, Jessica shows up in his classroom and declares she is his newest student.

In the meantime, Brody is at his wits end trying to get Jessica to remember him. He visits Marty for advice and she tells him to give Jessica space. He shouldn't give her too much space because someone is keeping a close eye on Jessica, Viki, and Natalie.  Who is watching Viki and her girls?

Gigi/Rex/Schuyler/Sierra Rose: Rex and Gigi stay by Sierra Rose's bedside waiting for an update on the infant's condition. Gigi is very appreciative of Rex's support at the hospital. He leaves to grab some fresh clothes and is floored to see Adriana at his loft. She wanted to catch up with him and offer a little advice. She believes he and Gigi are made for each other and encourages him to patch things up with her, even if she can't stand Gigi.

In the meantime at the hospital, Schuyler confesses he stole the oxytocin for Stacy but tells Gigi he never gave her any. Gigi is unsure of what to believe. She later tells Rex she doesn't want Schuyler to even look at Sierra Rose. During the former lovers' chat, Rex surprises Gigi with the Sierra and Rose dolls from her and Stacy's childhood. Gigi can't believe Stacy kept them and is very thankful that Rex brought them to her. Later on, Gigi breaks down while looking after little Sierra Rose. She even admits to Rex that she wants custody of the child. From this admission, Rex takes Gigi to see Eli to evaluate their options on getting custody of the baby. Eli is upfront with Gigi and Rex that the battle for Sierra Rose will not be an easy one. Who will end up as the guardian of Sierra Rose? 

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Kim/Clint: After receiving a tongue lashing from Schuyler about Stacy's death, Kim sees an apparition of Stacy. In the vision, Stacy asks Kim if she will be Sierra Rose's mother. Kim wants to honor her best friend's wishes and begins to think of ways to get custody of the child. Ever the quick thinker, Kim comes up with the idea to marry Clint to improve her chances of raising Sierra Rose. Kim presents the idea to Clint who has his doubts and needs some time to think. While Clint is thinking, Kim runs into Kyle and spills the beans about her plans. Kim returns to the Buchanan mansion where Clint has a pre-nup waiting for her to sign. Will Kim and Clint tie the knot?

Kyle/Fish: Kyle is absolutely flabbergasted at the fact that Fish is fine with the possibility of Kim being Sierra Rose's new mother. Kyle decides to intervene and get a DNA test done on the child and give the results to Fish. Will the results change Fish's mind?

In an effort to get Danielle to warm up to him, Todd donates a large sum of money to a church. While making the donation, Todd runs into Kelly. They catch up and Todd tells her what he's doing. Kelly tells Todd that he can't buy his daughter. Todd thinks about Kelly's advice, but soon gets a call from Danielle's school requesting he and Tea's presence immediately. Todd and Tea rush to the school to find out Danielle has been caught stealing test answers. Todd doesn't believe the principal and takes up for his daughter. Danielle is pleasantly surprised by Todd's actions in the principal's office and sees him in a different light.  Soon after, Matthew shows up in the principal's office and tries to take the fall for Danielle. Matthew's generosity forces Danielle to admit she stole the test answers. However, Danielle isn't punished for the crime because Todd donates a nice amount of money to the school. Can Todd buy Danielle's affection? 

Natalie/John: Natalie pretends not to have feelings for John. How long can Natalie keep up her act?

Kelly/Kevin: Kelly is deeply upset by her mother's passing and is surprisingly comforted by Blair. In another surprise, Kevin shows up to see about Kelly's well-being and asks her to marry him again. Kelly is blown away by his proposal but feels their ship has sailed. Will Kevin let Kelly give up that easily?

Langston and Ford give in to their passion and walk it like a dawg. After Langston gets her back broken, she divulges to Blair that she slept with Ford. Blair knows Langston made a mistake and feels the need to show her who Ford really is.  Blair gets the idea to invite Ford over for a little casual sex knowing he will accept. He arrives to see Blair and ends up running into Langston who questions his intentions with Blair. Ford quickly gets Langston off his case by pretending to be hurt that she would even believe for a second that he came over to have sex with Blair. He storms off and Langston feels the need to apologize. She goes to his apartment to do so, but quickly ends up making love to Ford again. How long will it be before Langston sees Ford's true colors?

Sneak Peek at Next Week (Mar. 8):

  • Schuyler needs Tea's help.
  • The battle for custody of Sierra Rose is on.
  • Todd makes Kelly an offer.
  • Marty has a secret.
  • Danielle rejects Todd.
  • Natalie fantasizes about John.