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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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For awhile now I'd been wondering where Carly was. I actually missed Carly a little, and then she showed up. Immediately I remembered all the things about Carly that drive me insane.


There she was, walking into a courtroom and demanding to be heard. Then the judge actually acknowledged her existence rather than throwning her out, or holding her in contempt. Then she started blaming Jax, for what exactly I am not sure, an actual competent prosecuting attorney being hired?  Ugh. That girl can get tiresome.

Line of the day: Jax—“You have no problem with Sonny killing people, so spare me the lecture on ethical behavior.”

I wish Sonny would stop thanking Dante for lying about the shooting. Dante claims he’s lying because he’s embarrassed that he went to arrest Sonny without his gun or backup, and I’m willing to accept that— for now.

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I’m always surprised when there’s someone I hate more than Sonny on General Hospital. Lisa has won that privilege. I have actually started to fast forward through her scenes. Why is Patrick doing shots with this woman? Way to give Sonny a run for the douchebag award there Patrick! Let’s hope Robin tears a strip off of him.

Loved Lucky showing up to mess up Jason’s plan to get Sonny out of the country.

Loved seeing Cameron and Jake. Let’s hope they don’t SORAS either of them anytime soon. They are the most adorable kids. I’m glad Liz told Nik point blank that she wants nothing to do with him, even if the baby is his. Why he thinks they’ll end up together just because, is beyond me.

Loved Lucky letting Liz go and it was interesting to see Liz’s reaction. She went so cold towards him. I much prefer cold Liz to whiny, desperate Liz.