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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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So, what I learned today is that Carly gets turned on when her husband’s life gets threatened or when her ex-husband threatens someone. Sonny tells Jax the only reason he’s still breathing is because he’s married to Carly. Carly actually accepts that without batting an eye, or at least giving some half-hearted protest like, "Hey, he’s the father of my daughter." Nope, nothing. Then an hour later, she’s jumping Jax’s bones and showing him everything he’s missing by being the big mean bad guy.


Stupid line of the day:

Carly to Jax:
“Why are you surprised I would lie for Sonny? I’m just cleaning up the mess you made.”

Right. It’s all Jax’s fault. He’s the one who married Claudia despite knowing that she had a screw loose. No wait, that was Sonny. He’s the one who called out Claudia at a party, unscrewing the screw even more. No wait, that was Sonny. He’s the one who destroyed all the evidence and created a cover up. No wait, that was Jason. He’s the one who’s the criminal, who shot an unarmed police officer in the chest. No wait, that was Sonny. What exactly was Jax’s crime again?

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Why is no one in the old Zachara organization helping out Johnny? I would think there would be some that would be more loyal to the old Z gang instead of to Sonny, some that still respect Anthony enough to get behind his son. This whole thing with Ethan just seems so contrived.

Liz comes back from her session with Lainie and both Nikolas and Lucky are still sitting there waiting for her. How uncomfortable must that room have been!

I love Molly, but is it odd that she seems to have a thing for the bad boys. She seems to have blinders on. She’s all about Sam loving Jason, even though she knows Jason’s life is dangerous. Now she’s all about Kiefer and how Kristina’s not giving him a fair chance, despite the fact that it’s pretty clear Kristina is not happy with Kiefer. I know she’s only 11 years-old, but she comes across as more mature than that.

Speaking of Kiefer, way to push the buttons to work Kristina. I’ve got to say, they’re writing that story very well.

I loved Lante. I just wish he wouldn’t have fallen asleep before they did the deed. At this point, I get the feeling those two are never going to connect.