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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I was glad to see Robin confront Sonny today, although she could have been a little bit harsher. It was like she was saying he shouldn't have done what he did but at the same time, apologizing for saying it. Robin, if you're thinking it, own it.

Sonny: "There was nothing else I could do."

Robin: "You could have NOT pulled the trigger."

Sonny: "There are rules."

Robin: "This is the part I don't understand. The part of you that thinks there are rules and you get to decide when someone lives or dies."

I didn't understand Patrick's need to go to Sonny and confess that he knew Dante's paternity, but I was glad that he went and gave my point of view. Of course, Sonny was too thick to get it.

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Sonny: "If you'd told me the truth about Dante, he wouldn't have been shot."

Patrick: "Dante wouldn't have been shot if you hadn't pulled the trigger."

The one thing that keeps coming up that no one is addressing is that Sonny is always saying he wouldn't have shot Dante if he had known he was his son. No one questions the fact that Dante is someone's son. Someone would have mourned his death, but Sonny was willing to shoot him anyway, despite that. So why is it that if you carry Corinthos genetics, you're more important?

I loved the morning after for Lante. Although when they started making out, the first thing I thought was that someone would call them and interrupt them. Yet, when Olivia knocked on the door my next thought was, why didn't she call instead? I love the sense of frustration for Dante. You just get the feeling that he's jumping out of his skin because he has to wait to be with Lulu. I get that he's angry at Olivia about the lie, but I'm not sure why he feels he can't trust her about his feelings for Lulu.

I liked Robin showing up to give Liz support and I was happy to see that Liz realizes she has a pattern. She gets that she needs to be alone for awhile since she's been with a man since her teen years.

There was an interesting Kristina/Kiefer/Sonny scene today. When Sonny demanded that she respect him as her father, I thought she might say, "Or what, you'll shoot me in the chest?" I would have laughed if she had. I did like that Sonny was sending Kiefer some angry glares and Kiefer wasn't batting an eye.

Foreshadowing of the day:

Lucky to Luke: "The baby is not going to be mine. The odds favour Nikolas."

Well sure, unless the crazy grandma has something to say about it. I'm still trying to understand what purpose it would serve for Helena to change the results if Lucky is the father. Why would she want a Spencer/Webber as a Cassadine when all she needs to do is take some of Nikolas's swimmers, find a suitable surrogate, a turkey baster and have herself a party?