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AMC's Vincent Irizarry Discusses David's "Abandonment Issues"

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All My Children'sVincent Irizarry chats with TV Guide Canada about winning his 2009 Daytime Emmy, David Hayward's abandonment issues and problems with the opposite sex.

TVG: David has major issues with the opposite sex!

VI: Yes, major issues! Angela agreed with me and created Vanessa with Marj Dusay. My favourite scene ever is when David first sees Vanessa. At the time, the audience has no idea that Vanessa was David’s mother-from-hell. Later, Vanessa runs out with Erica and suddenly has a heart attack! Erica asks David for help, but all you see is David looking at her like, “You bitch!” Instead of helping his mother, David just stepped over her body and left! That said a lot. It was such a rich story. In that story, we learned David’s father committed suicide in front of him. David’s clearly starved for love. The only person who loved David put a gun in his mouth and blew his brains out. What does that do to a human being? David has major abandonment issues. And a relentless, infinite anger against life —and maybe his father — for leaving him with this psychotic woman.

Read the entire interview at TV Guide Canada.

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