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Catfights GALORE Next Week on All My Children! Get the Scoopage in ABC Soaps In Depth!

Y'all are gonna wanna run, not walk out and pick up a copy of this week's ABC Soaps In Depth! They have ALL the scoopage on the battle royales taking place on All My Children between those divas Erica and Greenlee and Annie and Brooke, not to mention the skinny on One Life to Live and General Hospital! Check out a teaser from the ONLY print soap mag I read after the jump. 


The battle lines are drawn on All My Children when Erica faces off against Greenlee, and Annie takes on Brooke! When Ryan and Erica force David to leave town, Greenlee isn’t about to let her new husband exit without putting up a fight, and grabs onto Fusion for dear life! But is Erica, a more experienced businesswoman, already one step ahead of her younger rival? Meanwhile, Annie and Brooke continue to butt heads in the wake of JR’s transplant when the latter finds Mrs. Chandler to be nothing but a selfish brat. But when Adam finds himself caught in the middle of his wife and dear friend, will Annie’s insecurities over his relationship with Brooke prove to be deadly for the patriarch?

Only Soaps In Depth has the inside scoop on the All My Children catfights, so be sure to pick up the new ABC issue today!

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