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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Banished to the Island? That hasn’t happened in a long time! Then again it’s been quite a while since Sonny has been with a lady that he actually cares about. But it ain’t a lady that has Sonny saying take ‘em to the island. Sonny wants Jason to get Michael to paradise so he doesn’t have to testify. Is it the secret that Michael took the ax handle to Claudia’s head that has Johnny keeping his?

According to Jason it is! He’ll tell Johnny it’s the big secret that has him staying alive. I say Johnny should spill it and take his chances! Wouldn’t that put Jason in a pickle? Will Jason and Sam make it out of the country with Michael or will Dante stop them in their tracks? Have no fear; the duo makes it to the island with their captive in tow. Do Jax and Sonny actually work together to convince Carly this is what is best for Michael? Yep! In the end though it will be Jason who actually gets Carly to agree to the trip. Will it look a little too suspicious that Jason and Sam decided to take a vacation when Sonny is on trial? Yeah it does and Sonny thinks so too. He sends Max and Milo to paradise to be the babysitters and JaSam head back to Port Chuck. Will Michael try to escape their clutches first? Michael + Speedboat is all I'm going to say.

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Does Michael attempt to escape again? SPOILER has it that he will! Look for Michael to distract Max and Milo and make his move to get off that island. Is this LOST? Too bad Bernie shows up and cancels Michael’s plans.

What’s a brother to do when little brother skips the country? Dante is convinced they need Michael’s testimony, Claire says they don’t and boy is Carly happy to overhear that! Especially after her pleas to Lulu to get Dante to back off fell on deaf ears. So why Claire are you subpoenaing Michael if you tell Dante his testimony isn’t needed?

Does Sonny want to tell Dante the truth? Do it! What will Detective Falconari do then? Sonny confides in Carly that he wishes Dante knew the truth about the night Claudia died. Does Carly tell Jason that Sonny is about to crack to Dante? What will Jason do when he finds Sonny and Dante together?

Have Spixie lost that loving feeling? Some fans think so and apparently so does Spinelli. He makes up an elaborate and dangerous case to bring back the spark. Will it impress Maxie? Remember the pair found their footing on some mini adventures. As is typical for Spinelli, things go terribly awry and Spixie winds up trapped in a storm drain. Riding into the rescue is a face Spinelli has come used to recuing him lately, Johnny! Good thing Johnny is there as Maxie is on the verge of hypothermia. Wait! Didn’t we just play this note with Elizabeth? Do these writers need another lecture about originality? Remember those RUMORS about Maxie and some possible health issues? SPOILER has it Robin has some bad news for her. Mac rips Spinelli to shreds for putting Maxie in harm’s way while the blonde one defends her almost husband who is forced to admit his fake caper. What’s wrong with Maxie that she can’t breathe? Does Maxie leave GH and head to the Crimson offices for Kate?

Here we go… the abuse storyline is coming to a head! We all know that Kristina is crushing hard on Ethan apparently this crush is something she just can’t shake. So when Ethan has a date with Jennifer, Krissy is green with jealousy. So much so that she does what she has to do to ensure that the date never happens. With Ethan now dateless, Kristina cancels on Kiefer, dresses up and heads to the Haunted Star. Kiefer losing his mind when Kristina is not at home and Ethan loses his when he figures out what Krissy did. A little mad and a little too rough, Ethan grabs Kristina’s arm and tells her enough is enough, leave me alone. When Sam spots the bruise on her sister’s arm, she has a few words for Ethan. While Sam is busy with Ethan, Kiefer is raging on Kristina. As this story moves along, some of the things I’ve already dished will play out. Kristina will pin the blame on Ethan. Remember, Kiefer’s own abuse SHOULD play into this. Jason and Sam will be on opposite sides of believing Kristina’s story. Kristina asks Sonny to not go after Ethan and Jason will go to Carly with his doubts about the tale Kristina is telling.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Lucky, Elizabeth and Nikolas all go to therapy with Lainey. Helena is still planning. Sonny wants Olivia to tell him about Dante’s childhood. Patrick walks in on a naked Lisa. Sonny asks Luke to put in a good word for him with Lulu. Lucky has to arrest his brother. Will Michael tell Dante the truth? Jason questions Kristina.