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ABC to Recast Bianca, As Riegel Joins Daytime's Top Soap, The Young and the Restless


That was fast. One day after my Blind Item about Eden Riegel heading to The Young and the Restless, which Soaps In Depth confirmed, sources say ABC is gearing up to recast the role of Bianca Montgomery.

"ABC is definitely going to recast," says one mole.

Reportedly ABC made the star an offer to reassume the role of Bianca recently and are smarting that she decided to go with the number one-rated soap opera, The Young and the Restless.  A source in the know says it has never been about money for Riegel, it's always been about story, and that ABC only became truly interested in bringing Riegel back to the canvas once they learned she was in talks to go to Y&R.

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"Eden would have happily returned to All My Children if only anyone there had ever sat down with her and discussed a strong story idea for Bianca, but that never happened," says the source. "Eden was afraid that even with new writers she would have gone back and it would have been the same old thing."

The last time Riegel returned to AMC then-head writer Chuck Pratt penned a disastrous storyline for the actress which saw her beloved lesbian character marrying a woman who had made out with her brother-in-law before their wedding. When the storyline tanked, Pratt blamed Riegel in the press.

"Eden adores All My Children and everyone who works there," says the source. " She grew up there. She played Bianca for 10 years. Susan [Lucci] is like a second mother to her, and she and Alicia [Minshew] really are like sisters. She didn't make this decision lightly, but in the end, it came down to story and she just didn't know if she could trust them to put story first."