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All My Children Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Annie’s the donor! But can she make it through the procedure without having an “episode?” Annie imagines that Adam has left her high and dry for his ex Brooke and puts the harvest to a stop. Can Adam calm his crazy wife down so that the harvest can continue? Brooke and Adam share a moment where Brooke realizes Adam’s relief is because Annie is JR’s donor. Will the bone marrow transplant go without a hitch? This is a soap people!

Fantasy Island? JR had his heavenly visit; it’s only fair that the rest of his loved ones get a little fantasy of their own. Adam, Colby, Tad and Marissa all imagine a healthy JR and what their future with him will be like. While they’re all dreaming, JR is not handling the transplant well. Can Angie and crew save JR?

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Angie tells them it’s time to say goodbye. Get your tissues ready as Angie informs the Chandler Family they should say goodbye to JR. He’ll be reunited with Dixie once again as one by one JR’s family members begs him to stay with them. Will it be Adam or AJ that has JR pulling through?

Crazy Annie stops at nothing… not even a stepson on his deathbed. She’s convinced that Brooke is trying to steal her man and when Brooke senses the paranoia she attempts to talk her down by pointing out what’s really important, JR. Annie puts up a good front until Brooke leaves the room and then the crazy pops back up vowing to get Brooke out of her way. Brooke takes her concern for Adam to Angie and actually encourages Adam to leave the hospital with Annie. Despite going home with his wife, Adam is paying Annie very little attention which does not sit well with her. What will Adam say when he finds out Annie gave Brooke the boot out of the Chandler Mansion and had her move to the Valley Inn?

The tables are turned on Erica… Remember when Erica had David tied and handcuffed to a chair? When David finds out Erica “sold him out” he waits for her at her penthouse and pays her the same courtesy she showed him. Greenlee gets a call from David that sends her to Erica’s pad where she banters with the tied up Diva while looking for a clue David left for her. Did Ryan happen to bug Greenlee’s purse? Will this bug lead him and Jesse straight to David? Greens finds the clue she needs to meet David at the hospital chapel where David tells her he wants to go on the run together. Sorry Ryan, your little tracking bug has just been found and no one covers better than Greenlee who fakes an argument with Jake for her reason to be at the hospital.

David’s hiding out… Greenlee and David meet up once again, this time at Leo’s (her one true love) grave where she vows to do whatever it takes to help him. She even asks Jackson to be his attorney. David takes to the tunnels at Chandler Mansion to hide and spies on Annie and Adam. When Annie leaves the room, Adam has chest pains and David comes out of the tunnels. Will Adam and David strike a deal? He tells Adam just what Annie’s about and has a warning for him.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Greenlee tells Ryan that David has left Pine Valley. Can Jack get Erica and Greenlee to make a deal? I’m going to say no. Liza finds something out about Damon’s mom. Tad takes responsibility for Damon. Are Tad and Liza headed for splitsville? Annie’s jealousy and paranoia over Brooke only gets worse. Will Annie tell JR she saved him? Can David hide his feelings for Greenlee much longer?