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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I love Lucky and Dante working together. They make a very good pairing and I enjoy intelligent people figuring stuff out. I liked that the show managed to keep Ronnie by having him be part of this task force thing, but I want him and Dante to be friends again and I don’t want him constantly questioning Dante’s loyalty as a police officer.

CarJax: I liked the beginning when Jax seemed to be playing hard to get, messing with Carly's head. Then they got in the same tired argument where he tries to get her to understand his point of view and she absolutely only sees that poor, poor criminal Sonny is being picked on.

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Line of the day:

Jax to Carly: “How will you live with yourself if something happens to your kids again because of your loyalty to Sonny?"

I find it crazy that everyone knows what Johnny is doing and no one wants to, or is able to stop him. He really hasn't done anything yet because his break in was foiled. When Johnny laid out the plan to Ethan and asked him to distract the secretary, did it not occur to him that the place would be locked and likely alarmed? I thought he was asking Ethan to distract the girl so that he could get into the offices without having to break in. It was almost like he didn’t actually want to break in, but wanted SaSon to know they were vulnerable in that area.

It is interesting that Maxie is clearly attracted to dark Johnny, yet is denying it like crazy and Spinelli is very clearly seeing right through her.

I didn’t understand Claire going to Jason’s and basically letting him know exactly what her courtroom strategies are going to be. Sometimes it better to play things close to the vest.

I loved Robin’s talk to Liz and Alexis.

So, if Nikolas told Lisa to send a copy of the sample to a different lab, how will that affect the outcome if Helena tampers with the GH sample? If the baby is Lucky’s and Helena changes the results to show that it’s Nikolas’, but Nik knows the truth, will he keep it a secret in order to win over Elizabeth?