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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!


Paul/Lauren: The gumshoe heads to Jimmy's to get wasted because of Patty's prognosis. Lauren arrives and is high as a kite after Daisy drugs her water with Ecstasy. She comforts her ex and gives him an innocent kiss. Unfortunately for the two, Daisy takes a picture of the kiss. The following day, Lauren feels the aftereffects of the drug and starts to put the pieces together of the night she had with Paul. She's confused about the entire situation since she's married to Michael and only views Paul as a dear friend. Lauren meets up with Paul where they hash things out and they agree mum's the word on what happened at Jimmy's, not realizing Daisy's got it all on camera.

Victor/Jack: The Black Knight asks Old' Smilin' Jack to team up with him to bust Adam when he finds out about Dr. Taylor, Ashley and Sharon. Jack's still smarting from Victor snatching Jabot out from under him, but realizes his nemesis must be hellbent on revenge against Adam if he's coming to him for help. The two start hatching a plot to bust Adam.

Katherine: the grand dame opens up to Jill.

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Ashley: She comes up with a jaw-dropping plot involving Faith.

Cane/Lily: Sucks to be Cane when Uncle Sam comes calling. INS finds out Cane has been living under Phillip's social security number and is an illegal immigrant! Even though Cane is married to a US citizen (Lily) his marriage and citizenship is in jeopardy since he got married with Phillip's social. INS notifies Cane he's going to be sent back to Australia. All of this news couldn't happen at a worse time for the Ashbys. Cane is at the deportation offices when Lily gets a shocker concerning her cancer. Cane's family and friends visit him right before he's shipped back to Australia and he has a moment with Jill where the two patch up their relationship.

Later, Lily informs her husband she's moving with him to Australia, but Cane vetoes the idea since she's getting her treatments in the US, plus Mac and her family is there. Cane comes up with the idea to return home so he can eventually come back to the US by the book. If he can't, they will move to France. Lily still pushes the Australia idea, but he sticks to his guns and tells her its not an option since his enemies are still there. Even though Cane is resolved to move back to his homeland alone, he's also plotting to stay put in Genoa City if Lily's cancer isn't in remission. Lily learns of Cane's plan and implores him not to jeopardize his freedom, but Cane doesn't reassure her. He lets her know he'll stay on the lam to help her beat her cancer. When Lily gets her latest test results, she debates not telling Cane her prognosis.

Kevin: Lauren attempts to get through to him.

JT: He worries about what's in store for Reed's life.