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One Life to Live Mini Spoilers!

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Hey y'all! I'm back with a few glimpses into next week, Mar. 8, on One Life to Live!


Natalie/John/Marty: John and Natalie try to pretend they don't have strong feelings for one another. Natalie fantasizes about John. She also learns a shocking secret about Marty and ends up telling John.

Kim/Clint: Clint lets Kim know who runs the show. Kim gets cold feet about marrying Clint.

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Todd/Danielle/Kelly: Danielle goes back to her old ways of treating Todd coldly. Todd has an offer for Kelly that she can't refuse and could send Blair climbing up a wall.

Cristian/Jessica/Layla/Brody: Jessica and Layla have words with one another. Later, Layla reveals to Brody her fears of Jesscia coming back into Cristian's life.

Dorian/Viki/Charlie: Dorian gives Viki some advice about her relationship with Charlie.

Sierra Rose:
All parties involved in the story gear up to take on one another for custody of Sierra Rose.