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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Diane and Alexis are wonderfully fun together and while I'm not happy that Alexis has decided to help defend Sonny, despite all the years of being against him, I love that she and Diane are thick as thieves. I loved all the banter with Diane telling her she can't eat in the office or have pictures on the desk, followed by Alexis taking out pictures of her and the girls and eating a sandwich. I wondered why they needed to share the desk considering that office was ginormous and would likely fit a second desk for the time being. 

Funny line of the day:

Diane: "I've managed to defend Sonny for years without tumbling into his bed and bearing his child."

I also liked the Nikolas/Alexis scene with her telling him how Liz felt about the trust fund and reminding him he has another child that he ignores. For the first time in a long time, I felt Tyler Christopher was very engaging in that scene. By contrast, when he went to see Liz and wah-wahed about Jason being able to give money for Jake, but he can't, he lost whatever points he gained earlier.

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Steve/Liz: I wasn't happy with Steve today. Yes, he made a couple of good points that Liz has the kids in daycare because she works and Gram is getting too old. Then he told her not to try and be a kickass single mother, but to essentially cling to whichever guy happens to be her baby daddy. For the first time, Liz announces that she's going to raise her kids on her own and someone shoots her down. What is that?

I loved Lucky showing up at the bar and questioning Johnny, right down to kicking his leg.  I loved Lucky showing up at The Star to arrest Ethan for being in the country without a work permit, just so that he can keep his little brother safe. I wasn't happy with Lucky, again, showing up at Jason's door to let him know what the latest police news is.

Speaking of spilling the beans, why is Claire still running around telling her defendant and her witness what her plans are?  At some point she's going to annoy Dante so much, he'll tank the case just to piss her off. 

Why is the teenage brain damaged boy making more sense than the adult mother? Why doesn't Carly understand that maybe Michael needs to confess and take responsibilty for his actions in order to move on and have a life? 

I loved the absolute disgust in Dante's voice when he called Sonny "dad" when Sonny told him to leave his house. The earlier scene at the PCPD had my line of the day:

Sonny: "I'm still your father."

Dante: "Not in any way that matters. You're just a man who got my mother pregnant and then moved on to her cousin."