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ABC Pulls the Plug On Cablevision!


It looks like Mickey Mouse doesn't play! In the ongoing dispute between Cablevision and Disney, ABC decided to play hardball and cut off their signal from the fifth largest cable company in the country. As of March 6 at midnight, 3.1 million customers in the New York area are without ABC TV just hours away from the broadcast of the Oscars.

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Cablevision and Disney are locked in a heated battle regarding retransmission fees. According to the Associated Press, Cablevision claims Disney is asking for $40 million a year for new fees for the ABC broadcast channel, while Cablevision is reportedly already shelling out over $200 million to Disney for their cable channels. Disney claims Cablevision snags $18 a month from customers getting basic broadcast services and none of that money goes to Disney for ABC.

Customers fretting over not being able to view their favorite shows, or the Academy Awards tonight can purchase a digital converter box or a newer model TV. Additionally, ABC programs are available online at