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Jillian's B&B Spoilers!


Bridget: Mrs. Marone is still pissed over Aggie's deception. She decides it's time for her former surrogate to hit the bricks at Jackie M and in her personal life.

Steffy/Oliver/Hope: Hope busts Oliver and Steffy kissing. The duo tries chalk it up as nothing, but Hope isn't buying it. Later, Oliver begs Hope for forgiveness. Meanwhile Oliver wants answers from Steffy about her hatred of the Logan girls and Hope.

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Steffy wants Oliver to tell her why he prefers Hope over her. Unfortunately, Mr. Jones doesn't present Steffy with the response she's looking for. Steffy decides to give Oliver a job at Forrester Creations.

The two have a uncomfortable chat after their tryst and the two defend their actions.

Agnes: Don't count her out just yet. Agnes gets dirt on Bridget and decides to take action.

Whip/Taylor: Their relationship becomes deeper.

Hope: She's humiliated when Oliver meets Brooke.