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One Life to Live Spoilers!

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Hey y'all! I'm back with some great One Life to Live spoilers! A marriage, an unplanned pregnancy and a nasty custody take Llanview by storm this week. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of March 8. 

Kyle discloses to an incredulous Fish that he went behind his back and had a paternity test done on Sierra Rose to see if Fish is her father. Fish is livid with Kyle who defends himself by stating that there must be some part of Fish that yearns for the truth. Fish agrees, but still doesn't want to know the results and asks Kyle to burn them. A little later, after getting word of the custody hearing and visiting Sierra, Fish rushes home to stop Kyle from burning the results. Fish informs Kyle that he will read the results in his own time and the two put the papers away in a secure area. How long will it take for Fish to read the results?


John/Natalie/Marty/Roxy: John and Natalie try to fight their feelings for one another, but end up locked in another kiss. They break away from kiss, saying it can't happen again. Meanwhile, Roxy happens upon Marty's home pregnancy test and confronts her about it. She encourages Marty to tell John she's expecting. Marty shares with Roxy that she is reluctant to tell John about the baby because she thinks he's still harboring feelings for Natalie. Roxy still thinks Marty should tell John. Marty goes to tell John the news and finds him talking to Fish. She listens in on the conversation and hears Fish asking John a million questions about being a parent. Marty gets the impression that John isn't ready to be a father and chickens out on telling him about the baby.

Later on, Natalie finds Marty's randomly out in the open pregnancy test, but is sure to hide the fact that she knows about the baby from Marty. Natalie later runs into John and congratulates him on being a father, unaware that John has no clue about Marty's pregnancy. John is floored to find out that he could be a father. How much will things change now that Marty is pregnant?

Cristian/Jessica/Layla/Brody: Cristian is troubled by Jessica's presence in his classroom. He tells Viki and Clint about their daughter's latest scheme. Viki and Clint ask for Marty's help, while Jessica and Layla have a tense conversation at the Buenos Dias. Later, a determined Brody gives Jessica a box filled with memories of their relationship in another attempt to jog her memory. Once again, Brody's idea fails, and Jessica continues to be more interested in Cristian. She even takes Brody's idea and gives Cristian a box filled with old memories of them to get him to feel something for her again. Can Jessica win Cristian over?

Clint/Kim: Clint agrees to marry Kim under one condition— she must sign a prenuptial agreement stating she can never have an affair at risk of losing everything. Kim is unsure she can handle the stipulation, but decides to do it for Stacy and Sierra Rose. Kim brings the signed papers to Clint and the wedding is officially on. However, some of Kim's old stripper friends, Leah and Laudine, show up and put doubt into her mind about marrying a man she does not love. Eventually, Kim lets her unease about the situation fade and marries Clint.  Now, her full attention can be given to the custody battle over Sierra Rose. How far will Kim go to get Sierra Rose?

Schuyler/Gigi/Rex/Sierra Rose: Schuyler can't believe his ears when Gigi declares she wants sole custody of Sierra Rose. Schuyler begs Gigi to reconsider, but it is to no avail. Gigi feels for Schuyler, but wants to raise her sister's child and gets Eli on the case immediately. For the time being, Schuyler still has custody. It's soon time for Sierra Rose to come home and Schuyler and Rachel get the apartment ready for her arrival.

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However, before they can take the infant home, Eli, Rex, and Gigi burst in with a court order that grants Gigi temporary custody of Sierra Rose. Schuyler is highly emotional when he is forced to give Sierra Rose to Gigi. As Rex and Gigi are about to leave with the child, Tea comes out of no where with a court order of her own. It turns out, Tea has gotten the previous decision reversed making Schuyler the child's legal guardian once again. Gigi's emotions are shattered when she has to give Sierra Rose back to Schuyler. As Gigi falls apart, Rex promises her that they will find a way to get custody of the child. Later on, Rex has a talk with Schuyler in an attempt to get him to give Sierra Rose back to Gigi. How will Schuyler respond to Rex's appeal?

Ford/Langston/Hannah: More secrets about Ford come out when Hannah, Cole's project partner, chews Ford out for sleeping with her and then leaving her alone. Ford doesn't care about the girl's concerns and she is devastated.(Side Note: Is it just me or does Ford seem to like to get his girls straight off the playground at recess?) Hannah ends up falling apart in Cole's presence about what just happened with Ford. How long will it be before Ford's true colors are brought to light?

Viki/Charlie/Dorian: The busiest lawyer in Llanview, Tea Delgado, gets busier when Viki asks her to manage her divorce proceedings. News gets around Llanview about Viki and Charlie's impending divorce, and Dorian is the person to show the most remorse for their situation. Dorian decides to pay Viki a visit. She tells Viki to rethink the divorce and take Charlie back. Viki takes Dorian's words to heart and invites Charlie over to Llanfair. She informs him that their divorce will have to be delayed for a bit while she takes Bree to London. Will Viki and Charlie be able to save their marriage?              

Kelly/Todd/Danielle:  While at the Buenos Dias, Todd is surprised to see Danielle who is supposed to be in school. Danielle is busted but decides to hurry back to school when Todd wants to chat with her. After being rejected by Danielle, Todd has a talk with Kelly. He asks her if she wants an honest job. What will Kelly's answer be?      

Mitch/Allison: Allison pays Mitch another visit, saying something mysterious about Sierra Rose. Is Mitch going to kidnap the baby?

Sneak Peaks at the week of March 15th:

  • Langston can't get enough Ford.
  • It's Kelly vs. Todd.
  • Jessica is relentless in her pursuit of Cristian.
  • John asks Marty if she's pregnant.
  • Trouble brews around Sierra Rose.