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This Week in Daytime

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This week in daytime,

I Wondered: Why General Hospital just doesn't get it over with and make Jason (Steve Burton) a cop? He and Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) are practically partners already and Jason solves most of Port Charles murders and mysteries anyway. Who Robert Pattinson would call "The Sexiest Woman in Soaps" if he considers Betty White to be among the sexiest women in America?

I Cheered: The returns of Eden Riegel and Marcy Rylan to soaps. It's fantastic both actresses will once again be on my TV screen. The characters they will portray on The Young and the Restless may not be the ones a lot of online fans would have wishfully cast for them, but in the big scheme of things, these developments are still major casting coups for CBS, and after the cancellations of two soaps back-to-back, it's about time the network had some good news.

To all the Daytime Confidential listeners and readers who Tweeted me or put in the comments that I must be "peeing my pants" in excitement over Y&R signing Rylan, I'm here to tell you that didn't happen, but I am thrilled she is returning to soaps. As I mentioned on Twitter I would have been ecstatic had All My Children cast her as Colby Chandler, but I'm thrilled nonetheless. Which leads me to why I jeered this week.

I Jeered: At All My Children. Get your act together already. It is insane that you wrote the amazingly-talented Billy Miller into a corner and got rid of him so The Young and the Restless could snap him up. It was stupid not to figure out a way to bring Elizabeth Hendrickson back to Pine Valley before she ended up on Y&R. It is ridiculous you didn't know what you had in Stacy Haiduk. It is proposterous that after Chuck Pratt penned an awful storyline for Riegel's Bianca and then threw the actress under the bus, that you didn't work just as hard to get the wildly-beloved, Emmy-winning star back to the canvas as you did to secure the returns of Rebecca Budig and Julia Barr.

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AMC, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves, and before you even attempt to  recast Bianca out of spite, you need to fix the glaring casting problems you already have on screen, and you know who they are!

I Applauded: As the World Turns for finally, finally, finally putting Carly (Maura West) and Jack (Michael Park) back together at the end of the week. I know next week's preview has Jack and Carly falling victim to Janet's (Julie Pinson) pregnancy, but for a brief episode, we Carjackers were ecstastic.

I Cringed: At General Hospital's Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). Now you know I love Spinelli and Spixie, but I am sick of this character going in circles and GH giving him the same story week in and week out. We get it. Spinelli suffers from a bad case of Small Dog Syndrome opposite of all the Alpha Dogs who run rampant in Port Chuck, but give the kid a stronger spine already!

I Realized: Coy-fights are the new catfight. This week, The Bold and the Beautiful proved it is possible for a catfight to be pathetic. As a viewer I should be cheering for either Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) or Taylor (Hunter Tylo), but instead all I felt was an immense sense of pity for both actresses, and desperately wanted the poorly-choreographed scenes to be over.

I Hoped to God: Marty Saybrooke (Susan Haskell) isn't pregnant with John McBain's (Michael Easton) baby on One Life to Live. Can embryo's brood?

I Imagined: New products for The Bold and the Beautiful's upcoming merchandise line. How about a line of Honey Bear brand skin cream, spray on tan products, hair extensions, candles, swim suits, wigs, coy fish, and Forrester Creations Special Edition Botox?

I Discovered: Some snippy members of the soap opera press continue to redefine the definition of the term "exclusive." Last fall during the Eric Braeden Goodbye Tour we learned that everyone and their mother can have an "exclusive" containing the exact same info. This week I discovered  some still think they are entitled to top dibs on all soap news and call up shows and pitch monster hissy fits when they get legitimately scooped. Why anyone at a print magazine that is struggling to stay afloat— while we here at Daytime have a diehard following of of 250,000 monthy readers—still believes they are entitled to anything in a new media age is beyond me. Sidenote: How smart is it for the equally-struggling soaps to still be giving all their "exclusives" to the back page of a print magazine when most of the genre's fans get their soap info online and have for years?