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B&B Catch Up: Grief Sex And The Dripping Wet Ex

The Dynasty-style catfight between Taylor (Hunter Tylo) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) kicked things off last week on The Bold and the Beautiful. Both of them had their own spin on the rumble in the Forrester pond. If that horny, old goat Eric (John McCook) had seen it, he probably would've keeled over from excitement!

Aggie (Sarah Brown)— the surrogate formerly known as Sandy— took a tumble of her own and lost the baby. That means, thankfully, this surrogacy storyline is over. While it’s sad that Bridget (Ashley Jones) has lost three babies now, I’m grateful things are moving on. It was getting tiresome, despite Bridget’s newfound sass.


Distraught, Bridget went over to Jackie M to be alone. It turned out Owen (Brandon Beemer) was there already. He took her to the beach house, which Oliver (Zack Conroy) is apparently renting. She went a bit loopy, crying (yet failing to produce tears) and talking jibber jabber. She declared that she was leaving Nick (Jack Wagner). She lit lots of candles, said a prayer for the baby and then got naked with Owen. Yes, it was time for some grief sex. Boo hoo, wham bam thank you, ma’am!

At the Marone mausoleum Jackie (Lesley Anne Down) consoled a clueless Nick.

When is it MY turn to hug Ridge?

Meanwhile, at Forrester Creations, the foolishness continued. Pushed by Brooke, Steffy (JacquelineMacInnes Wood)admitted to seducing Bill (Don Diamont), saying “he never used me, I used him.” Ridge (Ron Moss) let that one slide and gave her a hug. She wanted to spend more time with daddy, she said. She was feeling abandoned, poor thing. Ridge stroked her hair instead of telling her she was a hypocritical, sociopathic, little tramp.

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Taylor signed the papers making her a 25 percent owner of Forrester. Her first job was to cheerlead for Steffy as she attempted to get Ridge to drop the "Hope For The Future" campaign. Ridge worried it might be another kick in the teeth for the Logans.

My momma is NOT a drip

When Bridget returned home, Nick took responsibility for everything that had happened with Aggie, unaware that Owen had just poked his wife. Bridget almost fessed up, but got swept up exchanging declarations of love with Nick. Does anyone else smell a "Who’s The Daddy?" storyline coming for Bridget?


Owen went home to the fabulous Jackie and joined her in the tub. He muttered “make me clean!” under his breath. That dirty dog.

Steffy’s anti-Logan agenda continued unabated. She watched as Hope (Kimberly Matula) and Oliver got close at Insomnia. The kids shared their first kiss and Oliver (supposedly not a perv) said that he’d gone to his new beach house, realized someone else was still there, turned on his video phone and then left. He said he “wasn’t exactly sure why” he’d done it. Hmm, sounds freaky to me. Of course, it fills the necessary plot point of somebody having footage of Owen and Bridget going at it.

I was, like, totally grieving, and then I took my top off

Oliver’s nifty video phone has a projector, so the question is when, and where, will Owen and Bridget’s love-making be exposed? I’m betting Steffy gets involved somehow, as MacInnes Wood seems to be contractually obliged to appear in every freakin’ storyline. I was half-expecting her to pop up between Jackie and Owen in their bathtub. Tune in next week to see if there’s a storyline she doesn’t infiltrate...