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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Call it what you want…I call it lazy writing and really is it even legal? I’m pretty sure we went through this the last time around. Remember when Edward and that “nice old lady” were jurors? Well get ready for another classic GH re-do as RUMORS say Alice, Dr. Lisa and Coleman will be sitting in the jury box as Sonny stands trial for Claudia’s murder. Wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels. Alice, who works for the Quartermaines and has a preconceived opinion of Sonny through her employers, Coleman, who runs the local watering hole, and may or may not have been under some mob protection, but most definitely has his ear to the local gossip (and isn’t he having a thing with the defendant’s ex-fiancé?) and Dr. Lisa who most definitely has an opinion about the mobsters in town. She gave it a few weeks back at the Nurse’s Station. I can’t wait to hear the explanation for this one.

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Jason and Sam are on opposite sides of believing Kristina’s story… what about Sonny and Jason? Sure Sonny is busy with his trial but when your daughter gets the crap beat out of her you take a pause. Will Jason and Sonny see eye-to-eye about how to handle the situation? I already mentioned that K wants Daddy to back off of Ethan and leave him above water. Will it be big brother Dante though who stops Daddy Dearest from taking Ethan out? Did you all love the foreshadowing when Sonny promised Luke that Ethan would be safe no matter what? Dante may be stopping Sonny but who will hold back Sam? RUMOR has it that Sam takes a shot—no guns involved—at Ethan. Jason tries to get Sam to see why Kristina’s story just doesn’t make sense, but she refuses to believe her sister is lying.

With her almost husband’s help, Maxie lands in the hospital! Robin has some bad news for her pseudo-cousin and we’ve been hearing about a health problem for the blonde one for a while now. Is it pneumonia? Whatever it is, we MAY not find out until after Maxie releases herself from GH to get to Crimson. Is there a Kate sighting coming? Maybe. RUMORS are out there that Maxie takes a dive at Crimson and Lulu and Kate get her back to the hospital.

Lucky you are the father… but will Helena want you to know that? Woo Hoo! It only takes once my friends and Lucky hit a bulls eye! RUMORS are heavily favoring Lucky as the baby daddy. It LOOKS like Helena will, however continue her quest to mess with the Spencers and the “official” word will be that Elizabeth is carrying Nikolas’s child. Don’t forget that Dr. Lisa sent out samples to an independent lab. Is Nikolas the smarter Cassadine?

RANDOM and CRAZY… Alexis wants Kristina to press charges against Ethan. How far will K take this? When Alexis finds Jason in Kristina’s room she kicks him out. Sam and Jason argue over his questioning of Kristina. Do we meet Kiefer’s parents through Carly? Will Michael finally confess to Dante? Jax helps hide Michael from Claire.