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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!


Daniel: He has a showdown with Vivian and lets her know not to mess with Carly. Meanwhile, Carly expresses her gratitude to him.

Nicole: She and Anna have a talk regarding Sydney.

Maggie: She finds out her myasthenia gravis may have come back. Daniel convinces Maggie to visit a doctor to see what can be done and to fill Melanie in. Melanie persuades Philip to move in so she can look after Maggie.

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Hope: She talks to Melanie about what really happened on her wedding day.

Melanie: She has a close moment with Daniel and Max.

Melanie/Nathan/Stephanie: He and Melanie have a heart-to-heart at the hospital. Meanwhile, Stephanie opens up to her grandmother and Lexie about keeping the letter from Nathan. At the hospital, Melanie lays into Nathan and says he's just being nice since he decided against reading her letter. Nathan doesn't know what Melanie means and the duo find out he never read it at all when he gets called away.

Later, Stephanie shows up and gets into a heated confrontation with Melanie about the letter. Stephanie flips it on her and mentions she's married now and Nathan has moved on and didn't want to hear anything about Melanie. Steph lays down the law and lets Melanie know she'll tell Philip if Melanie doesn't stay clear of her man! Nathan tells Maggie about the letter. Maggie tells him even though he didn't read it, Melanie decided she wants to be with Philip and to move forward. He heads to the hospital to talk with Melanie, who is already asleep. Stephanie calls and wants to talk.

Stephanie: She confesses all to Nathan.

Chad: He confides to Gabi that he still cares for Mia.