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LIVE BLOGGING: The 82nd Annual Academy Awards

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Hey Y'all! Looks like it's that time again! The Oscars are here! Tell me who you think will take home an Oscar Statue in the comments! And away we go with the pre-show...


Let's see who I can pick out of the crowd! Oohhhh Sherri Shepherd looking pretty in blue.

Kathy Ireland looks silly standing next to the oscar statue looks silly trying to over emote.

Supporting Actress nominees all looking very lovely. Well Maggie Gyllenhaal's dress could use some serious help.I think my fav dress out of all of them is Penelope Cruz. Monique was smart enough to wear a long dress to cover those hairy legs of her at the Oscars.

George Clooney being interviewed by Sherri Sheppard! I'm convinced George doesn't age and neither does the women he's always with with...anyways

Ooohhh Sandra Bullocks dress looks great! I like the details. I wish she would have done something fancy with her hair though but she's still fancy! Why is Jess Cagle asking her about what she's gonna eat after the awards?? I want to know who she's wearing!! Lawd in the mawnin!

LAWD JESUS!! It's Zac Efron! I..I..I...*thud**faint*.....*picks self up to blog**

Sorry guys Zac does it to me.

Matt Damon looking very classy. He's talking about his role in Invictus.

It's the Queen, Helen Mirren! She's so elegant, but then again I wouldn't expect anything less from her. See Sherri knows how to do it! She asked Helen who she was wearing. Show how to do it Sherri.

Morgan Freeman with his daughter and the producer of Invictus. I wish Morgan Freeman would stop chewing his gum like a cow chewing cod while doing this interview. It totally takes away from the Morgan Freeman aura! Honestly!

J.Lo and her half of ton of fabric hanging off her dress! It's really distracting me. I like the color but that long train takes away from the dress.

Katht Bates is here! She's so great.

Sarah Jessica Parker in a Chanel dress. It's kind of plain but I love her hair.

Cameron Diaz looks FABULOUS! Beautiful dress, beautiful makeup, beautiful hair! She like 10 feet taller than Sherri though. It's too funny!

The sealed envelopes make an appearance.

Tina Fey and Steve Carell. Tina Fey looks good! Steve and Tina are pimping their movie.

Miley Cyrus looking mighty grown up at the Oscars. Her dress is pretty.

Best Actor Nominee Jeff Bridges! He better win because I picked him to in the oscar pool at work! That's all I got to say!

Kate Winslet! She can do no wrong! She looks fantastic as usual. This baby interviewing her shouldn't have a job anymore.

Kathy interviews Gabourey Sidibe, the actress from Precous! She looks cute,

Taylor Lautner is wearing clothes....I'm a bit upset!

These interviews are going by faster than Tiger Woods goes through women.

Meryl Streep looking heavenly in white!

And that's it for the pre-show! Here comes the real deal, folks.

We start the show and it looks like it's already in progress! It's gonna be a fun show already. Anyways, all the nominees for Best Lead Actor and Actress are on the stage, showing their stuff to the word. Gabourey even gave us a little swish! Get it girl!

Neil Patrick Harris is a sequence suit and he busts into a singing number! I'm loving this! NPH cracks me up! 

Cue the Scantily Clad women!

Good job NPH! Here comes our hosts for the evening, desending from above. The ballots are calcutated....blah...blah...blah. We know Meryl Streep is the best. Once again, we know we have 10 best picture nominations this year.

Anybody else not laughed at Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin yet?? I feel like their trying to hard maybe it will get funny.

I love how Steve Martin just referenced his infamous line from "The Jerk". "I was born a poor black child". That movie is a classic!

Cute of them to use 3D glasses to see James Cameron.

I don't know who they showed not laughing at this foolishness but THANK YOU!!

The actors always laugh harder than anyone else! I always think there just too excited and nervous to do anything else.

They better not hate on my Sandra Bullock.

OH MERCY! Zac Efron again! I need some water.

George Clooney looks like he smells something STANK while watching Steve and Alec! I feel you George!

The award for Best Supporting Actor is up! Penelope Cruz presents. I love her dress. She's a beautiful woman.

And the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor Goes to....

Christoph Waltz for Inglorious Basterds

And I'm 1-0 in my predictions! Why does Quentin Tarantino not look happy to see Christophe up there??? He looks uncomfortable. Somebody get the man some champagne or something.

Ryan Reynolds and his fine self presents the reel for The Blind Side for Best Picture! The Blind Side really was a good movie.

Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck in bed with Jennifer Garner! Jimmy and Ben cuddle at the end. Too funny.

I can't get over how GREAT Cameron looks. Gone head with your bad self Cameron. She and Steve Carrell are presenting a montage about the animated movies nominated this year. The main characters in the movies are being interviewed. This is kind of cute and then really annoying. I can't decide which one I'm sticking with.

And the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film Goes to...


And I'm 2-0! Good acceptance speech!

Steve and Alec are back. I think I'm just going to mute them next time.

Soap Alum Amanda Seyfriend presenting with Miley Cyrus! Amanda looks great! Miley still talking way too much. What else is new. They present Best Original Song.

And the Oscar for Best Original Song Goes to...

The Weary Kind by Ryan Bigham and T Bone Burnett from the film Crazy Heart

I'm 3-0! I loved what he said about his wife. "I love you more than rainbows baby". Ain't that cute...

Chris Pine looking as good as he wants to look is presenting the montage for District 9 for Best Picture.

Tina Fey and Robert Downey Jr. presenting Best Original Screenplay. Downey/Fey are cracking me up.

And the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay Goes to....

The Hurt Locker

Darn! I had Inglorious Basterds for that one. 3-1. That's okay though, I'm still good. Congrats to The Hurt Locker though.

I'm thinking soooo many things about Molly Ringwald right now that will get me in trouble if I say them! I know it will. Matthew Broderick is with her presenting the tribute to John Hughes. Ferris Buller and The Breakfast Club are my favs! "Don't you, forget about me!"

Samuel L. Jackson, FOOL!! He's presenting the montage for UP for Best Picture. Anybody else find the fact that Samuel L. Jackson, of all people, is presenting a Disney movie funny?

Zoe's dress is different but cute! Beautiful woman. Why can't people read off the teleprompter tonight?? Sweet Mercy.

And the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film Goes to...


Now I'm 3-2. Shoot! The guy who won apologzies for his French accent! There's no need, I like accents!

And the Oscar for Best Documentary Short Film Goes to...

Music by Prudence

I've just moved to 3-3! How did I get here so quickly! I have no idea what's going on with this speech. The director gets interrupted by this woman who looks like she just came out a skittles bag! LOL, they just got hit with the music!

And the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film Goes to...

The New Tenants

This is getting worse, 3-4! Who is this fool that just walked in front of the pull out shot! Who produced this years Oscars?!?! Shameful!

Ben Stiller comes out of the hole he's been hiding in dressed as one of the characters from Avatar! He's scary. I don't like those things because they scare me. He's presenting the award for Best Makeup that Avatar isn't even nominated for. Stiller still has it, I just wished he'd put it in his movies. 

And the Oscar for Best Makeup Goes to...

Star Trek

I'm back in the game with that one. 4-4! Star Trek was a good one! They rocked the make up...obviously!

Jeff bridges presents the montage for A Serious man for Best Picture.

Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhall present next. Rachel looks great! Everytime she changes her hair color it takes me 10 minutes to realize who she is.

And the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay Goes to...


Bumped back down on that one. 4-5. Come on Geoffery keep it together for your speech. You can do it. This is one of those tug at your heart strings speeches!

Sometimes I think they have canned laughter for Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin.

Queen Latifah looking usual! Love the pink on her. Oh Snap, the Queen has lost some weight. Looking good Queen! She presents the 2010 Governer's Award Honorees! Standing ovation for the honorees.

Robin Williams is up next and is presenting the award for Best Supporting Actress. Mercy, he already talking about balls already. I love it.

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And the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress Goes to...


I'm back in it here, folks! 5-5! Congrats to Mo'nique! She looks great. Love how she thanks Hattie McDaniel. Got to give it up to history! God Bless us all indeed, Mo'nique! She looks like she's getting ready to fall over going up those steps. So proud of you Mo'nique.

Colin Firth presents a montage for An Education for Best Picture.

Looks it's Ripley! I mean, Sigourney Weaver. I'm liking this red dress.

And the Oscar for Outstanding Art Direction Goes to...


And I move up to 6-5!  What is the deal with everybody not being in the right place on this Oscars! I could have done a better job. This is shameful! Good speech from the Avatar winners, though.

I'm really disappointed in Alec and Steve! Who wrote their stuff??

Tom Ford and SJP are up next! Ohhhh, SJP and this dress! I'm not liking it.

And the Oscar for Best Costume Design Goes to...

The Young Victoria.

Wow! The speech starts with "I already have two of these, so I guess I should give someone else a chance". No, really, ya think? I digress. Foots, back down to 6-6.

Charlize Theron presents the montage for Precious for Best Picture! Charlize is such a beauty!

The oscar back drop trimming has more shine than Jermaine Jackson's hair.

This play on Paranormal Actvity by Alec and Steve is kind of funny! That's a first for tonight.

Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart are presenting a tribute to the horror genre. Sweet Mercy, Kristen Stewart is a baby that doens't know where she is! Help her somebody. I love a good horror flick as good as the next person but why is there a tribute to it on the Oscars?? Can you say FILLER! Then of all the horror films in the world to start with they start with Jaws! News flash, Oscar!. Jaws is a THRILLER not a Horror film! Get it right! Face Meet Plam! Hell a good bit of those weren't horror! I saw some suspense films in there as well! Shake My Head!

ZAC EFRON!! Sorry ya'll but he turns me into a screaming teenager!

And the Oscar for Best Sound Editing Goes to...

The Hurt Locker

How fitting that the horror movie tribute aired before this guy! Sorry, that was mean. I take it back! Congrats to him though.

And the Oscar for Best Sound Mixing Goes to...

The Hurt Locker

Here he is again! Crap, I'm down 6-8 now! This is no bueno!

John Travolta presents the montage for Inglorious Basterds for Best Picture.

Sandra Bullock presents the award for Best Cinematography. I love her dress!

And the Oscar for Best Cinematography Goes to...


Ok. I'm making a comeback 7-8. Fix your tie man making the speech! Congrats!

Snap! Crackle! and POP! Demi Moore is leaving them DROOLING in this dress! That woman is like a fine wine. She gets better with age. She presenting the montage for those we have lost this year with music from James Taylor!

J.Lo and Sam Worthington present a performance based on the Best Original Score nominees. Why does J.Lo look like she's wearing bubble wrap?? The dress looked better outside and that's not saying much.

More filler!

Katiebug in the comments just pointed something out to me! Was Farrah Fawcett in the tribute?? I don't think she was. Michael Jackson who primarily focuses on music makes it but not Farrah who was an actress. Now that's a shame before God!

And the Oscar for Best Original Score Goes to...


I'm tied up. 8-8! I hope this streak continues! Up had the kind of music that touched you! This is a cute acceptance speech.

Gerard Butler and Bradly Cooper are looking hot!

And the Oscar for Outstanding Visual Effects Goes to...


I'm moving on up! 9-8. Why does he have a grey tie on?? Solid speech.

Jason Bateman presents the montage for Up in the Air for Best Picture.

So far, I think the Oscars are pretty terrible! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Matt Damon is up next. He's got such a cute smile.

And the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature Goes to...

The Cove

Woo! 10-8. LOL at their speech! Shameless plug included!

Could this music go on any longer.

Here comes our own J Bernard Jones favorite person, Tyler Perry! LOL! The wide shot they showed was actually a bird's eye view shot! I need to take somebody's job!

And the Oscar for Best Film Editing Goes to...

The Hurt Locker

11-8. I'm liking where this is going. I don't know what this woman is wearing. There's way too many things going on with that dress.

Keanu Reeves with a strange looking beard presents the montage for The Hurt Locker for Best Picture.

Pedro A.(I'm not even going to attempt to spell his name) and Quentin Tarantino are up next.

And the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film Goes to...

The Secret in Their Eyes

Damn! 11-9. It's okay. I can recover.

The AMAZING Kathy Bates presents the montage for Avatar for Best Picture. Sorry y'all, I really like Kathy Bates!

It looks like were coming to the end of these painful Oscars! The big awards of the night are up. Michelle Pfeiffer STILL looks like a million bucks! Go ahead with your badself! Jeff Bridges looks like he's about to break down.

How does George Clooney stay so young looking? He still looks the same way he did when he was on ER! But he's changed since The Facts of Life! Oh yeah, I brought it back there!

Soon to be appearing back on the show that helped her get famous, As the World Turns, Julianne Moore says a few words about Colin Firth. She looks fatabulous by the way.

Funny Speech by Tim Robbins on Morgan Freeman talking about their time on one of the best movies ever, Shawshank Redemption.

I'm a sucker for an accent, Colin Farrell!

Kate Winslet looking Flawless!

And the Oscar for Best Lead Actor Goes to...

Jeff Bridges

12-9. Oh yeah, baby! So happy to see Jeff Bridges up there! He gets a standing ovation. He's looking up to the sky talking to his parents who aren't here anymore. Now, he's talking about memories of his show business parents! I like his laugh. He thanks everyone he can think of! LOL! Good speech from Jeff!

I love how Oprah is the only woman saying something about the Lead Actress Nominees. That ladies and gentlemen is why Oprah is Oprah. Anyway, Forest Whitaker says a few words about Sandra Bullock.

Everyone else on stage says words about the nominees!

Awww, Gabourey is about to lose it. Wait, spoke too soon, here come the tears.

Stanley Tucci is giving Meryl a hard time about her bajillion nominations! LOL!

Lawd Hammercy! Sean Penn looks like he was busy doing something else shortly before presenting this award! Baby doesn't know where he is....

And the Oscar for Best Lead Actress Goes to...

Sandra Bullock

YES! YES! YES!! Ok, sorry y'all! I love Sandra Bullock. She's been in the game so long and she really deserves this! Go Sandra! She's got a great sense of humor. Awww Sandra is about to lose it talking about her mother. I think everybody in the audience is crying! Congrats Sandra!

13-9. Alright!

I was wondering why they were playing The Way We Were. It's Barbara Streisand. Babs is another one that doesn't age.

And the Oscar for Best Director Goes to....

Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker

History has been made! A woman wins the award for Best Director! It's about DAMN TIME!! She's an inspiration to all the women, like myself, who ever stepped foot in film school and a film industy industry dominated by men!

Tom Hanks presents Best Picture, very quickly!

And the Oscar for Best Picture Goes to...

The Hurt Locker

Somewhere James Cameron just bit the head off a puppy. The guys are losing it on stage for The Hurt Locker! Congrats to The Hurt Locker for winning over the most hyped film of the year Avatar! Great speech from The Hurt Locker.

And that's it for this years Oscars! It was most definitely not the best by far and could have been alot better. Congrats to al the winners!

That's it for me, folks. I hope you enjoyed the Live Blog! See y'all in Daytime!