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Regan and Jillian's Picks for Oscars' Best and Worst Dressed Ladies!


The 82nd Annual Academy Awards brought out its biggest stars. Daytime Confidential's Regan Cellura and Jillian Bowe make their Best and Worst picks of the night.

Regan's Best Dressed Ladies:  Hands down my Best Dressed pick goes to former General Hospital star Demi Moore. I simply loved her Versace blush gown. From the bodice to the tiered skirt to the simple hair and jewels. Mrs. Kutcher was simply flawless.

I must commend Kristen Stewart for finally cleaning up nicely and putting away those Converse, or at least hiding them away from what I could see. The Twilight star looked great in her Monique Lhuillier gown. Another younger star who sometimes catches a lot of flack for her red carpet choices, Miley Cyrus looked fantastic in an age-appropriate Oscar pick. I loved the bustier top and flowing bottom with a touch of sparkle. One of my favorite trends is prints and two ladies rocked it this year on the red carpet. Presenter Rachel McAdams and nominee Maggie Gyllenhaal took a risk that paid off in their gorgeous gowns. Another nominee, Penelope Cruz stunned in scarlet while Elizabeth Banks'sgray, Versace gown was simply amazing. Best Actress winner Sandra Bullock for The Blind Side looked beautiful in her shimmering Marchesa. The lace and cap sleeve were perfect on the Oscar winner complimented with simple make-up, a vibrant lip and minimal jewelery leaving all the focus on her and her gorgeous gown.

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Jillian's Best Dressed Ladies:Cameron Diaz gave us the old school Hollywood vibe with her entire ensemble. She looks amazing and thank GOD she didn't have that nasty bed hair she usually dons! Mo'Nique looked just magnificent in blue which made her radiate. The flower in her hair gave the look the prefect touch. All hail the Queen, the faboosh Queen Latifah! Her gown hugs and accentuates her curves in all the right places. QL told me to tell ya'll plus sized girls can steal the show! Rachel McAdams was beautiful. She shows you don't have to wear the traditional blacks, whites, and reds at an award show. The colors and design aren't over the top and peps up a show that can be a bit stuffy.

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Regan's Worst Dressed Ladies: I always hate giving out the Worst Dressed awards, but it must be done. Faith Hill I love you, but honey, that was too much lace on that leg. Less is more, less is more. I keep seeing Sarah Jessice Parker on all these Best Dressed lists and I just do not get it. That dress looked like a bag on her with some flowers glued on the top. Many are wondering why Nicole Richie even attended the Oscars, I don't care why she was there, I want to know why she looked like Elvira? Did she not remember she was in L.A.? A little too dark and dreary for my liking. The obvious reason for disliking Charlize Theron's dress are the buns on her breasts however, the color makes me think of a bridesmaid not an Oscar winner. Zoe Saldana, honey you had me from about the waist up. That mess on your Givenchy gown from the waist down, well let's just say couture or not, it was just a mess of purple. The top of that dress is the only thing that saved Ms. Saldana from being my absolute Worst Dressed.

My Worst Dressed pick is a nominee. Vera Farmiga may have gotten a Best Actress nod for her work in Up In The Air, but her Red Carpet pick is getting a shake of the head from me. There is way too much going on with her Marchesa gown. I always go by the rule that less is more and while the color is stunning, the dress wears her not the other way around. When you're up for an Oscar, your dress should be stunning however, you as the nominee should be the one that stands out.

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Jillian's Worst Dressed Ladies:  So Sandy Powell won Best Costume Design? In the words of Jamey's late Grandpa Giddens, NO SIREE BOB! That dress is making me dizzy and I feel like I'm going to throw up. The entire thing down to the clunky jewels are too busy and then she has a beret on?! Lord in the morning. Does Maggie Gyllenhall think she's at a luau or the Oscars? I couldn't tell you a thing about Sarah Jessica Parker's dress because I was distracted by her hair. It looks as if she was in a wind tunnel and decided to head to the Oscars! Sarah looked as though she's in a sack which has a beautiful top. I'm just waitng for Vera Farmiga to teach me how to cha-cha in this frock.  Melanie Griffith looks as though she's about to break out of Barbie's dream house and bite the head of a puppy! The neckline is just too much for her ample "attributes." Less is more in every sense of the word Mel. At least Mariah Carey's not in something too tight or spilling out of her dress like she normally is at events, but the dress makes her look a bit dowdy, something we all know she's not.

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