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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Maybe it was just the mood I was in, but this episode was all kinds of bad. Maybe it’s just the inevitable let down after sweeps, but it was all just a mess.

Lucky and Luke tell Ethan that he’s messing with fire and offer him an intelligent, temporary solution. They tell him to go back to Australia until everything dies down, but Ethan is suddenly too dumb to get it. A con from the age of 15 and he doesn’t see the downside of teaming up with Johnny?

Jason basically informs Johnny that he’d kill him just as soon as to look at him. Johnny then pulls out his gun, but does nothing with it and basically accepts a death sentence if he continues messing with SaSon.

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Gunshot wounds to the chest obviously make a person lose several I.Q. points because Dante is suddenly a complete dummy. He thinks that Sonny’s protection of Michael means that Michael was at the cabin and saw what happened, but it never once occurs to him that Michael was at the cabin and did the killing, just like he confessed to Mac. When Johnny also gets defensive of Michael, Dante still doesn’t read between the lines.

Elizabeth had decided that Cassadine money is cursed and full of attached strings, which is fine because it is. Yet, didn’t she accept money from Nik when Lucky had trouble paying his medical bills a few years ago? 

Then we have the most uncomfortable therapy session in the history of soaps. What good could ever come from both male parties being subjected to it? Nikolas hears that Liz can no longer stand him and Lucky hears how the sordid mess all started. Somehow, that’s supposed to make Liz less crazy. Lainie really is the worst therapist, ever.

I’m confused by everything Spixie. Is there really a case of a serial killer and if there is, why involve Maxie in it? Or, is Spinelli pulling some stunt to rescue his fair Maximista in a fake rescue?

Having Luke suggest divorcing Tracy so she can marry Ethan to stay in the country was a rather sick and icky idea. I was glad they both backed off from it. It’s bad enough that it was suggested and I have that mental image in my head without them actually going through with it.

And lastly, Carly continues to confuse me. She sets up this elaborate, almost romantic type dinner for her ex-husband in her current husband’s restaurant. How exactly is that going to work out for her?