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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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It’s amazing what a difference a day makes. As annoyed as I was by yesterday’s episode, I loved today’s. Part of that was because my Lante was back and part of it was because Olivia suddenly became the most awesome character ever. Yes, I'm serious.

Sonny summoned Olivia to his table. I was annoyed that she went, but she didn’t sit down with him like I expected her to. Rather, she sat herself at the table next to him and proceeded to not look his way while he talked at her. Then, when he took it too far, she unleashed some lovely smackdown on him. I’ve been waiting for weeks to hear that from her. The only thing she didn’t do was physically smack him.

Olivia: I thank God, your freakin' filthy life never touched my kid. If that makes you sad, that's just too damn bad. You had people to help you. Us, the Cerulos, but you wanted to work for Joe Scully. Be a big fancy man. And now you are. Take your poor me, sorry ass out of here.

Sonny: You think you know everything.

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Olivia: I know every man you ever shot was somebody's son. This time it was yours. You made your bed, you go lie in it.

My poor Lante. Dante’s going to have a heart attack from all the sexual frustration and pent up energy. The minute they started up on the couch, I knew Maxie would come in and interrupt them. I don’t know why they didn’t immediately move to the bedroom. Then, Ronnie appears and messes up Dante’s night and Carly appears and messes up Lulu’s.

I feel bad for Kristina. She’s got an idiot for a boyfriend and now her friend Ethan is turning away from her. Why do I get the feeling she’s going to do something to Ethan to get back at him? A woman scorned and all that.

I love Scrubs, but they fight about the strangest things. “I don’t want to go to Jake’s.” “You should go.” “I don’t want to.” Robin, maybe you should be more ticked at the idiot girl who’s throwing her half naked body all over your man and maybe rip that girl’s hair out by the roots. Just sayin’!

I hate that everyone feels the right thing for Michael to do is run away rather than tell the truth.

The other thing I hated today was Spixie. What girl doesn’t love spending time in a sewer?