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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Let’s tackle these Bradford Anderson RUMORS that have been circulating the net these past few days. Before those of you who haven’t seen them get freaked out, let me SQUASH THEM. He isn't going anywhere. The RUMORS had him being the victim of some mob violence as a way for his character Spinielli to exit the canvas. Now, as I’ve already mentioned Spixie as a couple is getting a little stale in some fan’s eyes and we MAY see them go in another direction.This fake caper that lands Maxie in a hospital bed COULD be the start of it. As our friend Karen from pointed out on Twitter a few days back, the only place we know of Bradford going is a honeymoon as he is engaged to be married.

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Spixie… do you think they’re stale? I do and then again I don’t. At times I still see why I fell in love with Spixie and then they tend to rehash the same conversation over and over and over again. The pair definitely needs something new to do. As with any soap pairing, sometimes they just run their course and need a break to shake it up. Is this happening to our beloved Spixie? What sort of shake up are they getting? RUMORS have Johnny and Olivia ending with a possible revisit to that heat we’ve seen between Maxie and Johnny, but what about Spinelli? I say the cast still needs a young adult female on the canvas as they are much too male heavy with Johnny, Spinelli, Dante, Milo (if they ever use him) and Ethan who will have his hands full with the Kristina storyline and Maya Ward when she arrives. I wonder if Guza still thinks killing off Georgie was such a good idea. And…

If I get my wish… the re-building of the Quartermaines should include Scott Clifton returning to Port Charles as Dillon now that One Life to Live has let him go. I don’t mind the Wards coming I just think the fans need a face they recognize with this rebuild. So if I get my wish, add another young adult male to that list. Would we like to see Dillon make waves between Lulu and Dante or perhaps Dillon is still grieving over Georgie and Maxie could be his comfort? Think about it. While you’re thinking about it, which young adult female could return to the canvas to help level off the playing field? Comment away!

Let’s get back to the storyline that everyone is hoping will knock it out of the park…Kiefer beats the crap out of Kristina! You all know by now that Ethan is the one who gets blamed for the horrible deed. How you might ask? Well I told you that he leaves a bruise after telling K to back off at the Haunted Star. There are, however a few older RUMORS that I can now somewhat confirm and possibly clear up why so many people believe Kristina’s story. Not only is Ethan a little too rough with K once, he’s also SAID to be the one who rushes an unconscious, and beaten Krissy to GH. How does Ethan find her? Well after pretty much degrading her at the Star, Ethan feels bad and goes to apologize. He will reportedly find her beaten after a very angry Kiefer has left her laying there. When does Kiefer convince her to lie? RUMOR has it that it all goes down at GH when Kiefer tells K he could lose it all if she labels him as her assailant. Plus there’s that little thing about her dad being the town godfather who kills people that hurt his loved ones.

Will Dante be there for his little sis? Or will he be one of the people who has doubts about her story? With Lucky as his partner and Ethan being Lucky’s brother will this all a little too close for comfort? Jason and Dante both want to know what happened and they want to hear it from Krissy. Kiefer is scared shitless and wouldn’t you be if you just beat the hell out of a gangsters only daughter? The two cops take note of how Kiefer is acting, and when his parents show up on screen it’s pretty obvious what type of home he comes from. If you’re a Guiding Light fan tuning in to see Bradley Cole’s stint on General Hospital, we hear this will be a complete switcheroo from his character in Peapack. There are so many notes to play with this story, will we see them all? Molly’s reaction, Sonny wants to kill him, but he’s already on trial for murder, Sam and Jason will be on opposite sides, Luke and Sonny’s friendship will be tested, but what about Natasha and Luke? Let us not forget that Ethan’s partnership with Johnny cannot help his cause with Jason and Sonny. Kristina agrees to stand by her man, but for how long will her man keep his hands to himself?

RANDOM and CRAZY… Kate Sighting! She will be locking lips with Coleman who will be in the jury box with Lisa and Alice. That is FOR SURE! Kristina will give off doubts because of her concern for her supposed attacker. What does Dr. Lisa have up her sleeve and will it have dire effects on Scrubs? One RUMOR is a picnic meant for Robin is intercepted by Lisa. Any Jason and Robin fans still out there? They have scenes coming up. Maxie’s pneumonia is going to cause trouble for her ticker. Sonny gains points with Dante when he sits vigil by Kristina’s bed. Is Dante making a trip to Sonny’s island? Remember, Ghost Georgie is coming to see Maxie. Will Lucky have some questions for Kiefer’s parents? Are we to believe that a family we’ve never met before is very powerful in PC? Coincidence? Wasn’t Ethan’s Visa just mentioned? RUMOR has it that Alexis MAY cause problems for the Aussie by going after his Visa.