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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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As much as I want someone to prosecute Sonny and throw him in jail, this Claire chick is just not working out for me. Why is she so annoying? Why show up at the Dilexis office to ask where Michael is? If she knows he’s gone, then get a bounty hunters or someone to hot foot it down to one of Sonny’s islands to find him. It’s not like the islands are a big secret that no one knows about.

I was quite surprised that Molly spilled the beans to Diane about Michael being the killer. I’m not even sure what the point of it was, other than to tell Diane not to tell Alexis. If Diane didn’t already know, then why tell her at all? But Diane/Molly scenes are usually pretty cute and they turned it into another attempt to fix Alexis’ love life, so it ended sweetly.

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The sewers under Port Charles are clearly the place to be. Spixie relive their love moment down there, before he breaks his leg and she nearly dies of hypothermia. Then Johnny decides to take a leisurely jaunt down there, to “see if he can move merchandise.” Who knew it was so easy to access the sewers? It’s just a horrible story, no matter how you look at it.

Patrick started having visions of sugar plums, or rather dumb blonde bimbos dancing in his head. And then feels guilty, so he confronts Lisa about her being in her underwear in the locker room. Then he feels even guiltier so he brings Robin a rose. Ugh. If he cheats on Robin with Lisa, I will have to hurt someone. I thought throwing Leyla in between my Scrubs was bad enough, but Lisa really makes Leyla seem like a peach in hindsight.

Good JaSam scenes, if you’re into that kind of thing, which I’m not. I get the heavy handed symbolism, he’s wearing white on the island because he’s carefree, but then sobers up back to the black t-shirt to go back to Port Charles. Micheal, maybe you should wait five minutes before trying to take off.

Tracy visiting Lulu to warn her about Dante seemed rather random. It was as though they shot the scene and then weren’t sure where to stick it in.

Kristina modelling the skimpy dresses for Kiefer was rather icky. Although not quite as icky as her stalking Ethan. Girl is in for a world of hurt.