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Victoria Rowell and "Calysta Jeffries" DISH Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva!

It's about that time soap opera fans.Victoria Rowell's long-awaited premiere novel, Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva will hit bookstores on May 4 (you can pre-order the tome at, that's less than two months away! Judging from the saucy synopsis of the book, featured on the official Simon and Schuster website, we're in for one soaptacular ride!


Calysta Jeffries is the hottest black actress in daytime and the diva of the soap opera world, known for her role as Ruby Stargazer on television’s most popular soap opera, "The Rich and the Ruthless."

After fifteen years, three returns from the dead, two failed pregnancies, one alien abduction, and overcoming retrograde amnesia, Calysta still hasn’t managed to snag the biggest award in daytime drama: the Sudsy. Now is supposed to be her moment. But Calysta’s onscreen/offscreen rival Emmy Abernathy wins the award for the fourth time. The drama begins when journalist Mitch Morelli asks Calysta for a quote after the award show and her true feelings for her costar slip out.

Ripped from the headlines of Soap Opera Digest and straight off of the television screen, Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva will give readers plenty to talk about as they try to guess where the real world ends and Rowell’s imagination begins.

I cannot wait! Check out the hilarious video below where the former The Young and the Restless star and her alter ego Calysta Jeffries aka Ruby Stargazer dish the life of a soap opera diva!

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