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Brad Bell On The Future Of B&B

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In anticipation of The Bold and the Beautiful’s23rd anniversary—it first aired on March 23, 1987— Brad Bell talked to Soaps In Depth about a possible end to the interminable Taylor/Ridge/Brooke triangle, and what the future holds for B&B.


SID: How many times can Ridge bounce back and forth between Taylor and Brooke before the audience gets fed up of his indecisiveness?

Brad Bell: With the last wedding of Ridge and Taylor – or wedding interruptus as we call it around here – we went with a little bit of humor. It was meant to be campy and fun. It was unique. And then Ridge picked Brooke and it was, I think, the last time. Of course, I have to be careful when I say that regarding these three!

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SID: So what’s next for the show?

Brad Bell: The future is the next generation. Seeing Brooke and Ridge acting as parents, with Eric and Stephanie – together or apart – as grandparents as we build around Steffy, Hope and Oliver.

The future is the continuing battle between Stephanie and Brooke. There’s another chapter of the Forresters vs. the Logans, but it’s completely different, because it’s not about whether Ridge and Brooke will break up. Bill Spencer is becoming a full-on Logan supporter, so he will help drive this story. There will be a lot of fun and of course, more fashion.

The full interview can be found in the latest issue of CBS Soaps In Depth, where Brad talks about wanting to keep the newly introduced Jones family on canvas, and recounts some of his favourite B&B memories.

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