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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


The story we’re all going to be talking about… Kristina’s abuse storyline! Is it wrong to be excited about a storyline featuring a teenager getting the crap beat out of her? Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted a few days back that Lexi Ainsworth was ‘acting the hell out of this abuse storyline’ and that only excites me more. Have I mentioned lately how much we love GH’s casting director Mark Teschner? We talked about Mr. Teschner and what we think he could do for All My Children on the latest ABC Podcast. Check it out!

But back to the abuse storyline and Lexi’s amazing acting… as Kristina acts her way through a lie. I have more for you on how Ethan is the one who brings Kristina to GH. I already told you that he goes to the lake house to apologize for how he treated her and finds he beaten and knocked out cold. Kristina comes too and freaks, scratching Ethan in the face. A little DNA sample perhaps?

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What will Sonny say? A survivor of abuse himself, how will Sonny react to seeing his daughter beaten and broken? SPOILER has it he’s disgusted and will of course go back to memories of the abuse his mother went through. Krissy tells her parents that Ethan was her assailant. Will Dante stop his father from killing his partner’s brother?

Lucky is assigned the task of questioning Kristina about her attack. Does anyone in PC recognize the concept of conflict of interest here? Couldn’t Mac handle the questioning at the very least? K sticks to her story and Lucky must arrest his brother. Does Lucky believe Ethan when he pleads his innocence? I’m sensing that Lucky MAY have a little trouble believing little brother.

Didn’t I mention DNA above? Guess what sample they are waiting on the results of? Now Mac appears as he and Alexis go over the results of the test.

Who needs cops when you have Jason Morgan on the case? Sam is off unloading, physically on Ethan while Jason is getting awfully close to the real story of what happened. Will Kristina get a little upset at just how close Jason gets? Ethan tells Jason he is innocent. I’ve already told you that Sam and Jason will be on opposite sides of believing Kristina and Sam will ask Jason to not listen to Ethan and his stories. She’ll refuse to see that Krissy might not be telling the truth. We’ll see some sisterly moments as Sam helps Kristina cover up her bruises with the help of some make-up.

While the abuse story is what we’re all looking forward to… there is some other stuff going on in Port Chuck. The paternity test results are in and it only takes once honey or should we say Lucky! Helena however is more than happy to switch the results to say that the baby is Nikolas’s as she is giddy with anticipation over raising a Spencer as a Cassadine. Despite telling Elizabeth they have no future and that he hopes the baby isn’t his, Lucky has a moment of disappointment when he learns he’s going to be an uncle, not a daddy. Lucky is not alone in his disappointment, Elizabeth was hoping for a Spencer this time too.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Who cares about restraining orders? Not Ethan who is on hands and knees for Kristina to tell the truth. Sonny’s trial begins. Ethan, Sonny won’t kill you, yet. Dante to the witness stand. Luke supports his son. Will Lucky explain Luke to Ethan? Michael can tell you who attacked his sister. Maxie thinks her time is up. Luke asks Kristina to stop lying.