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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!

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Ashley: Family and friends attempt to make her realize Faith is really Nick and Sharon's daughter. Ashley refuses to fathom the baby she loves isn't hers and is hopeful Victor can prove everyone wrong. Billy and Jack wonder if their sister's starting to crack up again and are fueled further when she recalls Faith's delivery. Ashley relays the night she "gave birth," but her tale has key pieces missing. As she's telling her story, Ashley realizes she can remember being unconscious and coming to, but not being in labor. Meanwhile, Phyllis, Nick and Sharon swing by Ash's to visit with Faith where she's still firm on Faith being her child and not her former stepson's.

Once the trio finishes an awkward chat with Ashley, she kicks them out and lets Jack know she doesn't need him acting like a mother hen. Later, when Jack jumps in the shower, Ashley decides to take Faith and flee! While at the airport, Ash and Tucker run into each other and chat a bit where he figures out how fragile she is right now. Surprisingly, Tucker gives Ashley some food for thought. The rebel billionaire (snort) makes Ash ponder if she really wants to be on the run with Faith.

Adam: He goes to Jill with some interesting information.

Katherine: The grand dame shocks Victor and Jack with their pitch regarding Jabot.

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Michael: He gets eye-opening news that may wreck his marriage.

JT/Victoria: The Hellstroms amicable divorce goes out the window when JT decides to fight for sole custody of little Reed. JT thinks Victor's effect on his son isn't in Reed's best interest. When Victoria finds out from Michael about JT's intentions, she is thrown for a loop. Later, she swings by Crimson Lights and bumps in to Billy where she opens up about her divorce. The two bond over families sticking together while JT and Mac have the same conversation. 

JT lets Mac know all about his heated association with the Newman clan. Afterwards, JT and Victoria have a showdown where she tells him he's a punk for not telling her about his plans to go for full custody and demands he leaves the house. JT pulls an Effie White and lets Vic know he's not going nowhere! Victoria goes to see Michael for help and he tells her JT's within the law by not vacating the house since the two signed the lease together (wah?!). Michael lets Victoria know the best way she can win the war is to stay put.

Cane: He turns to someone unexpected for assistance.

Patty: She turns up the heat in her quest for payback.

Lauren: Y&R's gearing up for her to have a doppelganger (How original right?).