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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I must say, the Kiefer/Kristina/Ethan story is being fairly well written. There was a beginning when Kiefer was the controlling abuser who always apologized and she accepted it. There was a middle with a friendship between Kristina and Ethan. Sam backed him off and Kristina got possessive and slightly stalkerish. Then, Ethan got angry and hands-on in front of witnesses. Sam later found Kristina and noticed the bruise. In the final chapter, Kiefer beats her and Ethan is the likely suspect. The only downside for me is why Kristina became so possessive of Ethan in the first place. Ethan was a bit over the top in his reaction to her. The story would have worked the same if he'd kept it down a notch, but those are just small problems.

Lante got interrupted...again. Lulu, if you're trying to make out with your boyfriend, shut off your phone. Although, I'm not sure I would have wanted their first time together to be on the ground of an empty, dirty loft. Was it just me or did that look a lot like the set they used for Franco's studio? I think that is kind of creepy.

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Dante's not back at work yet, so why is Claire hounding him? Doesn't the Federal government have agencies that can track down and locate a missing person? I did like Claire giving the subpoena to CarSon, having them snottily tell her that Michael is an adult and needs to be served directly. She responded by telling them that since he is an adult, she'll charge him with obstruction if he stays away. Carly may have met her match.

I hated Sonny going to Luke to intercede with Lulu on his behalf. You shot Lulu's boyfriend in the chest, why wouldn't she treat you like you're a douchebag?

I still do not understand Spixie and the need for the writers to recycle both dialogue and storylines for them. It's not working and it's time they split up. I like them as friends, but I don't get them in a romantic pairing. 

It was good to see Kate again. I wish she'd be less bitchy with Lulu and Maxie, considering the two of them basically run her magazine. I was actually hoping Maxie would collapse so that Kate could realize how bitchy she was being. 

It was silly seeing Michael, who's basically an adult now, being babysat by three grown men. He could leave anytime if he really wanted to. Johnny should pick now to hit SaSon, since both main goons and the accountant are on babysitting duty.