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Jillian's B&B Spoilers!

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Bridget/Nick/Agnes: Agnes almost spills Bridget's sheet shimmy with Owen to Nick. Lucky for Mrs. Marone, Nick's touching words has her keeping mum for now. Later, Agnes starts dropping clues to Nick that Bridget is not who he thinks she is. Bridget, meanwhile starts to think of coming clean about her affair with Owen.

Bridget: She gives Agnes her old job and offers her friendship.

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Whip/Taylor/Brooke: Whip and Brooke team up and create a double date with their respective partners to see if Taylor still carries a torch for Ridge. While the date gets underway, Brooke makes sure to watch Taylor like a hawk. Taylor makes an uncomfortable step while on the date. Later, Whip and Taylor make a choice about their relationship. Taylor decides there's only one man for her.

Eric/Donna: Honey Bear and Mrs. Forrester have a tiff over Pam's employment at Forrester. Eric in turn smooches Stephanie.

Steffy: Hope wants to know what she's planning on doing with Oliver. Steffy decides Ollie should be with her and not Hope.