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One Life to Live Spoilers!

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Hey y'all! It's a new week and that can only mean new One Life to Live spoilers. A proposal, a pregnancy and an unlikely partnership shake things up in Llanview. I hope everybody is ready for all the juicy dish for the week of March 15!


Dorian/Kelly/Todd/Blair: Dorian pleads with Kelly to stay in Llanview, to no avail. Kelly has already decided to return to London, but Todd has other plans for her. Todd plants his driver as the person to take Kelly to the airport.Instead of going to the airport, the driver takes Kelly to Todd's office at The Sun. Kelly is furious at Todd's actions and orders Todd to tell her what's going on. Todd makes one last ditch effort to get Kelly to accept his previous job offer. Kelly doesn't want the job and proceeds to tell Todd where to go and how to go get there.

As she's laying in to Todd, Kelly figures out what he's really up to. Kelly knows Todd is doing all this to get back at Blair. Todd denies Kelly's claims, but Blair soon shows up. Kelly and Blair have a catfight that Todd thoroughly enjoys because it means his plan is working. After Kelly has it out with Blair, she takes Todd up on his job offer and even signs a contract as a way to stick it to Blair. Todd lets Kelly know she will have to abide by the terms of the contract, which doesn't make her happy at all. In response, Kelly tells Todd she can hold her own against him. Can Kelly and Todd co-exist?

Mitch/Allison: Allison does the impossible and leaves Mitch dumbfounded when she reveals that Schuyler is his son and Sierra Rose is his granddaughter. It's important to remember everyone still thinks Schuyler is Sierra Rose's father. Mitch banishes Allison from his sight before she can tell Mitch exactly how he is Schuyler's father. What is Mitch up to?

Schuyler/Rex/Gigi/Roxy: Gigi and Roxy have a heart-to-heart about Sierra Rose. Roxy ends up talking about herself and accidentally reveals she once had a newborn child taken from her. Gigi wants to know more about Roxy's admission, but Roxy attempts to change the subject. Gigi won't let it go and Roxy confesses that she had a son that died in childbirth. In the meantime, Rex has a talk with Schuyler about Sierra Rose that turns ugly. Rex and Gigi meet up again and begin to sort things out. The conversation takes a wild turn as Gigi asks Rex to marry her! What will Rex's answer be?

John/Marty/Natalie: John confronts Marty about her pregnancy. Marty confesses to John that she is indeed pregnant, and angrily demands to know how he found out. John tells Marty that Natalie told him. Marty isn't happy with John's answer in the least bit. John wants to know why Marty felt she couldn't come to him with the truth. Marty divulges to John that she was shocked to discover she was pregnant and needed time to get everything right in her head before coming to him. She tells him that she is ready and willing to raise the child by herself. John shocks Marty by saying he wants to be a real father to child.

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News of Marty's pregnancy gets around Llanview and Bo congratulates John on pending fatherhood. Bo can tell something is troubling John. John and the boys end up partying with Natalie, Roxy and the girls. At the end of the night, John and Natalie dance together at the bar all alone. Will John and Natalie rekindle their old flame?

Jessica/Cristian/Layla : Jessica runs into Todd but doesn't believe it's him because his face is different. Todd explains what happened with his face and fills Jessica in on a few others things while he's at it. When Todd reveals to Jessica that Cristian and Blair were once an item, she refuses to believe him. After Todd tells her more, Jesscia starts to tear up when she realizes Cristian has truly moved on. Todd tells Jessica if she still wants Cristian, then get him any way she can. Jessica takes Todd's words to heart and goes to find Cristian.

When she finally finds Cristian, he and Blair are hugging. Jessica's reaction to seeing them together is not pretty. Blair eventually leaves and Cristian tells Jessica everything she can't remember including her marriage to Antonio and his marriage to Natalie. All the truths are too much for Jessica to handle, and she runs out of the room in tears. Cristian feels bad for what he's just done and chases after Jessica. The two end up in the high school gym, the place where they met. Jessica reminisces about their first meeting and their first kiss. She begins to describe their first kiss and the former couple almost has an encore of the special moment, but nothing happens. A little later, Cristian choses Layla over Jessica, but for how long?

Ford must have that extra special good-good, because Langston skips school to have a roll in the hay with him. Somewhere in the afterglow, Markko unexpectedly shows up at Ford's office and finds Langston half naked. When Makko demands to know what Langston is doing there, she comes up with a lame excuse that Markko buys hook, line and sinker. Markko's doubts in Langston are raised when he finds a button missing off her shirt on the floor.

Later, Langston has more explaining to do but this time it's to Starr. Starr is livid that Langston used her and Cole's story as the foundation for her musical. Langston does some fast talking with Starr and cools her off about the situation.  I guess she wasn't that mad after all. How long will it be before Markko finds out that Ford is pleasuring his woman?

Hannah/Cole: After being ignored by Ford, Hannah goes back to her dorm room. Soon after, Cole shows up and discovers Hannah out cold on the floor. He finds a bottle of sleeping pills near Hannah and speculates she purposely attempted to overdose on sleeping pills! Cole feels for the girl because of his own pill popping problem. Cole tries to talk to Hannah about it and she makes him swear to not tell anyone about the sleeping pill ordeal. Will Cole respect Hannah's wishes?

Danielle/Matthew/Destiny: Danielle keeps up her antics at school, while Matthew and Destiny prepare to audition for Langston's new musical.

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (March 22):

  • Rex has an answer for Gigi.
  • Eli is stuck in the middle of Blair vs. Tea.
  • Kelly gets a mysterious call.
  • Schuyler outsmarts Mitch.
  • Natalie must keep a secret from John.
  • Starr worries about Langston.