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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Performer of the day: Lexi Ainsworth.

I was really hoping that the beating would have already taken place before today's episode, because it was very hard to watch Kristina, crawling around on the floor, trying to get away from Keifer.  To see Kristina crying just broke my heart.  And then Keifer has the audacity to blame her for making him angry and runs out like the coward that he is.  Ethan, clearly concerned about Kristina's state of mind, shows up and finds her. Even though she scratches him, he still picks her up and brings her to the hospital.

Kudos to the makeup department, because those bruises looked wicked. 

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Sam/Ethan:  I had a problem with Sam here.  Now, I have no problem with her defending her sister and confronting Ethan.  But what bothered me was that Ethan said he was angry because Kristina hacked into his email.  And Sam's response was basically, "yeah right".  Yet Kristina herself had confessed that to Sam earlier, so Sam knew that to be the truth.  Also, Sam getting all haughty with Luke about Ethan being a con when he came to town was a bit hypocritical, considering Sam did the same thing.

I loved the Alexis/Molly mother/daughter bonding at Kelly's, eating ice cream.  Loved Dante joining them and the easy rapport between Dante and new cousin Molly. 

Still loving the interaction between Lucky and Dante.  JJ tends to play his scenes with Dante far lighter and looser than the rest of the stuff that he does.

I liked the Dante/Sonny scene and was really hoping Sonny would spill the beans about Michael.  I want to see what Dante's reaction to that will be, and I'm rather annoyed that Jason interrupted it. 

I hate it when Sonny brings up Deke and how he claims to be nothing like him.  What, exactly, is the difference between a man who beats a woman and one who shoots an unarmed man in the chest?

I was glad to see Kate seeming concerned for Maxie.  I just hope this isn't the last we see of Megan Ward.  She needs a story. 

I'm not sure how I feel about Kristina pointing the finger at Ethan.  If she's trying to protect Keifer because she feels responsible for what happened, then it would be just as easy to say that she didn't know who it was, that an intruder got into the house.  But specifically saying it was Ethan, knowing what Sonny is capable of, is basically signing Ethan's death warrant. That's taking anger and revenge a little too far.