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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Look how quickly a lie can lead to someone’s death. Within minutes of Kristina pointing the finger at Ethan, Sonny is at the Haunted Star, with a gun at Ethan’s head. I was glad Lucky had the forethought to call Dante and have him go over there ahead of him. If he hadn’t, Ethan would have been dead by the time Lucky got to the Star. And why does Sonny have a gun while out on bail for killing his wife?

Kristina describes everything that happened, exactly as it happened, just substituting Kiefer’s name with Ethan’s. So the question now is, does she hate Ethan enough to blame him for something so heinous? Does she feel that if he hadn’t turned her down at the Star, than she wouldn’t have been home for Kiefer to beat her? I didn’t feel at any time that she was necessarily protecting Kiefer. To me, it felt more like she was punishing Ethan. And if that’s the case, I’m not sure how I feel about her.

I’m glad Ethan pointed out to Lucky that if he had hit Kristina, his fists would be bloodied. But Lucky just sort of swept that under the carpet, like evidence doesn’t really matter with the PCPD.

Does Ronnie work for the PCPD now? Why else would he be hanging around and interrogating Johnny? Then Lucky shows up and asks to talk to him, like he’s a part of the gang. Of course, that was more plot point, to have Johnny go in and talk to Ethan.

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I love that Johnny believed Ethan didn’t do it. And had the stones to go over to Jason’s to tell him he that he thought Ethan was innocent. Johnny is also the one who pointed out that this isn’t the first time that Kristina has lied, since she also was responsible for Claudia’s accident. I think Ethan may owe him his life.

It was good to see Sam come clean with Alexis about the birth control and Kristina being sexually active. I just wish that scene would have happened a few months ago. And Sam should have finished that conversation by pointing out that she thinks Keifer is a little off, so that whenever the truth comes out, no one is shocked at the possibility.

Color me shocked that Keifer actually returned to the scene of the crime. Was he looking to find Kristina on the floor? And was it just me, or did he seem a little bit angry when Molly told him Kristina had pointed the finger at Ethan? It's almost like he doesn’t want another man to be given credit for his handywork.

I loved the Alexis/Tracy scene – Alexis ready to rip a strip off of someone and Tracy defending Ethan.

Also loved the Dante/Kristina scene. I’ve been waiting for those two to have one since the truth came out about Dante, and it didn’t disappoint. Dante was so gentle and sweet with her.

Line of the day:

Dante to Kristina: “I think you’re as gorgeous as ever. It’s what was done to you that was ugly.”

I hated the final Sonny/Kristina scene – Kristina, battered, sleeping in the hospital and Sonny, slobbering all over her, making it all about him.