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Landon and Soffer Bring Gwen and Will Home to Oakdale on ATWT

It looks like more, um "old faves" are heading back to Oakdale as we prepare to say goodbye to As The World Turns. Soaps In Depth is reporting Jennifer Landon and Jesse Soffer are set to reprise oh-so-tortured twentysomething couple Gwen and Will. Well...that's all well and good about the young 'uns, but if I don't see my Dr. John Dixon (Larry Bryggman) before Nancy (Helen Wagner)says goodnight to Procter and Gamble soap lovers for the very last time, I am gonna go PLUM CRAZY!

I know, why not make John turn out to be Reid's (Eric Sheffer Stevens)  daddy? The mean, gay doctor is certainly onery enough to be another one of John's strays! Picture it: Lucinda Walsh's (Elizabeth Hubbard) grandson Luke (Van Hansis) in love wth John Dixon's son. BUTTAH.

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