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OLTL's Brett Claywell to Fancast: "I’m Angry, It’s Slander"

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Fancast'sSara Bibel spoke with ex-One Life to Live star Brett Claywell about rumors he and his former onscreen partner Scott Evans(Fish) were both fired for negative behavior on set. Claywell fights back and clears the air.

There was a column in TV Guide Canada that alleges that you two were written off for performance issues.  I wanted to give you the opportunity to respond to that.

Scott informed me of that yesterday.  It’s amazing to me that two people can put so much of their heart into a story that can be so passionate and serious and tell a story as honestly and as truthfully as we tried to and just open our hearts to the world and just try to make a difference, try and touch people and stories like this will come out that are absolutely, 100% false.  I’d love for anyone to watch one day of any of the work we’ve done and tell me that Scott and I were not 100% committed to what we were doing.  We were so dedicated to our work. It’s hurtful.  I’m really offended that someone would make completely false claims.  I’m angry.  It’s slander.

It struck me that if you were being unprofessional, you probably wouldn’t have gotten an Emmy pre-nomination.

One of the last days that Scott and I worked together, the argument scene that just aired two weeks ago when I had the DNA test, we had all these scenes that were from different episodes, 41 pages of dialogue that Scott and I filmed in maybe an hour and a half.  We work so methodically together and so well together.  We would film scenes in one take like everybody does.  You ask the directors we worked with.  The fact that you can spend a year and a half pouring your heart into a story and one person with one article can try to bruise that reputation you have, it’s disheartening and it’s offensive.

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