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One Life to Live's Scott Evans Found Out He Was Being Kished Out on Twitter!

Brett Claywell is continuing to stand up for himself and screen partner Scott Evans in the wake of their shady ouster from One Life to Live, this time to Zap2It. While Claywell takes the highroad when discussing the  TPTB TIIC, he does shame them for the way he and Evans found out they were being Kished to the curb.


We found out separately. I found out the day before the story broke; I was at "One Life to Live" because I was submitting my Emmy reel. And the same day I'm submitting my Emmy reel, Frank [Valentini] tells me that they're no longer continuing the storyline and that I've filmed my last day.

I do believe there's a certain way that things have to be done to protect the machine, and there are certain things that could be done differently. Scott found out through somebody tweeting him, and absolutely, that's not the way he should've found out. It shouldn't happen that way.

Twitter? Evans found out he was losing his job on Twitter? You mean to tell me no one up there at the House of Mouse had the decency to contact the man in person??? 

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