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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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This show drives me crazy sometimes. They are hanging their hats on the DNA evidence of whether or not Ethan did something to Kristina, when Ethan has already admitted that Kristina scratched him when he found her. Therefore the DNA will show that it was his, which he’s admitted to already. What? Did they dust Alexis’ living room for his fingerprints? Did they check his knuckles to see if they were bloody? Did they check his clothes to see if any of her blood was on them? Did they check with patrons from the Star to verify Ethan’s alibi?

Kristina/Kiefer: Excellent scene. She reacted with fear and started crying again. Her fearful line, “I thought you were going to kill me”, had me in tears. Although, why that fear didn’t immediately make her call Lucky to tell him the truth, I still don’t understand. I loved Kiefer being such a delusional douchebag that he’s all, “hey, we’ll move on and totally forget all this happened” and “you lied to protect me so you must still love me.” That sounded an awful lot like what Sonny’s been spewing at Dante about the shooting.

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Sweet Sam/Kristina scene. Excellent Kristina/Alexis scene, although I was really hoping K would tell the truth. When she started in with “I lied”, I thought that’s where they might be going, but then she said something cryptic about lying to Kiefer and Alexis shushed her before she could tell the truth.

Lulu/Nik: Good to see Lulu still being frosty towards Nikolas. I thought she’d forgiven him for his part in Niz, but it was good to see she hadn’t.

Loved the Johnny/Maxie scene in the hospital. It seemed very light and cute between them and then Scowly Spinelli showed up to ruin the fun.

So, Kiefer’s parents don’t know that he’s actually dating Kristina, yet everyone in town thinks they are. Or was that just a lie on Daddy Bauer’s part? Could it be that he’s very aware of who his son is dating and possibly knows the truth about what happened to Kristina?

So, Lucky is the baby’s father, but Helena switched the results to show Nikolas’ name, because she wants to raise the child to hate the Spencers. Well, that makes perfect sense.