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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Performer of the day was a toss up between Lexi Ainsworth and Nancy Lee Grahn. First off,

Kristina: She really is making me schizophrenic. I get so angry when she continues to talk as though Ethan is the one who did this to her, but then she starts crying with those hard sobs and my heart just goes out to her.  Her terrified “Dad, please don’t kill Ethan” was really the only time that I thought she might be feeling some remorse or conscience. It’s hard to decide if she’s a spoiled brat who wants her way or a lost child who didn’t expect her actions to have the consequences that they did.

Alexis: I found it strange, with Mac, that she didn’t want Ethan dead because a person shouldn’t be killed, but more because of the effect it will have on Kristina. I get the bloodthirsty part. I would be, too, if someone did that to my child, but Luke is a good friend of hers and his reaction to his son’s death doesn’t factor in at all? On the other hand, I loved her scene with Kristina and Sonny. Informing Sonny, in front of Kristina, that he will not be hurting Ethan and that Ethan will be prosecuted. Then, following that up with an excellent smackdown on Sonny by the elevators. 

Line of the day:

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Alexis to Sonny: You just don't get it. THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU this time. It's not about what you want anymore. It's about what she wants and what she needs right now is for you to act like a freakin' father. You are not to lay a hand on Ethan. Do you understand me? I am trying to get her to not see you as a monster. You don't cause her one more minute of pain.

I laughed out loud when Dante showed up, not only on the island, but in the middle of the living room with Michael five feet away. Although I wish Dante had checked the other rooms to find Michael, or that he would have said something to Max about Kristina being attacked, which would have gotten Michael out of his hiding spot.

I’m glad Liz told Nikolas that she doesn’t want a life with him, but that they’ll share custody of the baby. Let’s hope Nikolas actually listened to her. 

Loved Helena’s scene with Nikolas and Spencer and her insistence that she’s moving in to help. 

Funny line of the day:

Helena to Nikolas: So, you’ve decided not to marry the little trollop.

Kate/Coleman: There is just so much weirdness between these two. And yet, it works for me. It’s nice to see some cute, light flirting among all the heaviness.

Sam/Ethan: Sorry, but I don’t think she had the right to go and beat him up. Sometimes Sam, it’s best to take the high road.