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All My Children Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Bad Break-Up? Tad and Liza are OVER! Some AMC fans may be well, fans of this as this Liza is still not their Liza. She’s grown on me and I’ve seen some chemistry between Liza and Tad but every couple has their ups and downs. Tad is about to see a real downer! Upset over the break-up, Liza goes to drown her sorrows at ConFusion where she chats up Damon at the bar. What will Tad think when he’s sees his son and former flame together? Damon’s troubles don’t end there. Angie pegs him for drug use when a bottle of pills walks off a med cart. Since he’s already been tried and convicted, Damon figures he might as well be what everyone thinks he is and pops a pill right in Angie’s face. Who really lifted the drugs?

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Moving on in… First Adam has Brooke move back into the Mansion, now JR and Marissa will be moving on in as well. It’s all part of JR’s “Destroy Annie” plan. When the hospital springs JR, he plans on moving the fam back home. JR shares his plans with Colby.

Annie is still paranoid over Brooke. I mentioned on a recent podcast that I loved crazy Annie. This version just screams desperate. I thought I would like it; I just want it to end as quickly as possible. Annie finds an ear in Liza and vents about Brooke. A night of romance goes south for Annie and Adam while Annie spies her hubby in what she thinks is an intimate moment with Brooke.

Another lady has the hots for Ryan! You don’t say? Madison thinks Ryan is pretty sexy and Randi tells Ryan to watch his step around Madison.

Greens in Jail! Can Luke Kerr spring her? Jesse thinks by arresting Greenlee, David will come out come out wherever he is. Greenlee gets sprung and finds David at Fusion where he’s ready to turn himself into Jesse for his lady. We all know Greenlee is stubborn as hell and won’t let that happen. How will Greens get David back to the Chandler Mansion? In a crate! 

RANDOM and CRAZY… Ryan is following Greenlee. Natalie undercover? As a model? David finds out that Damon is Tad’s son! Amanda becomes Erica’s model for the campaign. Jackson is staying in PV! Is Liza making a deal with David?