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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


The abuse storyline will continue parallel to Sonny’s trial. There are a few notes left to play on what has so far been a pretty well written and phenomenally acted story. Maurice Benard, Nancy Lee Grahn and Lexi Ainsworth have all turned in top notch performances this week! I know there are some of you that are having a real problem with Kristina labeling Ethan as her attacker and while I see your point, it’s honestly not all that far off base from what happens in a real life abuse situation. Often, the victim protects their abuser even if it means lashing out at family, friends and yes even making someone else look like they're to blame. Granted, I still see why fans are upset that Ethan is taking the heat but Kristina sort of has a point, doesn’t she? Sonny is sure to bump off whoever is to blame and Ethan, being Luke’s son, stands a better chance than Kiefer. I’m not making excuses, trust me; I’m just saying that I get it.

Luke vs. Sonny… How much, will see? Initially we thought it wouldn’t be too much since Sonny has his trial to worry about but this part of the storyline may be too good to pass up. Luke and Sonny will have their “face off” over who’s telling the truth and which of their kids is the liar. Sonny does not take it kindly when Luke suggests that Kristina is lying about who really attacked her.

Speaking of Luke… he returns to Port Chuck in time to counsel Ethan about the situation with Kristina. Luke advises Ethan to stay put and prove he wasn’t the one who raised a fist to Kristina. Does Lulu believe Ethan’s story or does she think he’s capable of violence against a woman just like their father? Will Lulu tell Ethan about Luke raping her mother?

I already mentioned that Ethan violates the restraining order… He goes back to the scene of the crime to try and get Kristina to tell the truth. Sam arrives on scene and calls the police to have Ethan arrested. Ethan won’t be Krissy’s only visitor. Luke and Carly both drop by. Carly has some questions and Luke wants her to tell the truth.

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Carly, Carly, Carly… She tells Jason she thinks Kristina is telling stories. Is Carly the one who figures out it was Kiefer who beat the crap out of K? Carly takes a trip to the island to see Michael and tells him that Kristina was assaulted. Is this when Michael says he knows who did it?

Jason and Lucky… Seriously Jason, just become a cop. You pretty much are one without the badge. Jason shares his doubts with Lucky who goes to question Kristina again. And again I ask, isn’t this all a big conflict of interest for Detective Spencer? His brother is the one accused.

Not pressing charges… Yep, Kristina is not going to press charges against Ethan! As a minor though, can’t Alexis press charges? Well here’s how it looks like they’ll get around that one. Alexis and Sam are SPOILED to talk about how grueling a trial will be on Kristina who has already said she doesn’t want to press charges and go through all that. Does Alexis concede to her daughter’s wishes? It looks like that is happening as Sonny is enraged when he finds out that Ethan will walk free. Sonny needs to pay attention to his surroundings though as he threatens Ethan’s life right in front of Prosecutor Claire. Who else will not be happy about K’s choice to not press charges? Kiefer. Let’s see how mad the beater boyfriend gets over this one.

Just Do It Already… OMG, can these two just have sex already? Apparently Lulu and Dante are interrupted yet again when he is called to court to testify at Sonny’s trial. Seriously? Enough already! Will Claire get Dante to name Michael as a witness on the stand?

Brook Lynn Ashton Returns! We’ve been hearing about the Quartermaine re-build. Guza has even said that he doesn’t feel right when he’s not writing for the Q’s yet he’s the one that killed most of them off. We have the new Ward girls coming soon, Skye returning and now Brook coming back for May Sweeps in a recurring role. I said the Q resurgence needed some familiar faces attached to it but I was thinking more along the lines of Scott Clifton or perhaps Wally Kurth. Will this do? Brook Lynn sure will!

Paternity… That second paternity test Nikolas had done, will he sit on the truth? RUMOR has it he will. Tsk, tsk Nikolas. You didn't like it very much when someone lied about your child to you.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Georgie visits Maxie and TPTB realize they screwed up BIG TIME by killing her off. Oh sorry, that’s in my dream sequence. Will Johnny be a good witness for the prosecution? Who’s Conan? Sonny has an outburst in the courtroom. Will Kristina be a witness to it? Just how close is Claire to the truth? How long before Dante knows? Is Kiefer not long for Port Charles? There’s a RUMOR out there that he does go down but it’s not a mobster who takes him out.