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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Kudos again to the makeup department because at one point, Kristina’s eye actually looked like it was swollen shut and I couldn’t figure out how they would pull that off. The purple color is a bit much though. I’ve never seen a bruise quite that shade of eggplant, but the effect is still there.


Kiefer is one creepy guy. He showed up with a teddy bear, not understanding why she’s not thrilled to see him. He almost acted angry that she has the nerve to still be pissed at him, two days after a beating. Then, he was being all nicey-nice to Alexis, who in soap style, didn’t hear either kid mention that Kiefer is the beater. I’m hoping when Alexis learns the truth, that she teaches that boy a lesson.

Ethan’s been drinking from the fountain of health. It’s been only a day or two, yet his scratches are completely healed. I felt really bad for him. When he showed up first at Jason’s, nobody listened to him. Then, Alexis showed up and basically told him she’d be happy if he dropped dead somewhere. Lastly, he showed up at Kristina’s, all sad and confused that she would do this to him. I thought Nathan Parsons did a good job in those scenes.

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I think I finally understood Sam’s point of view today. She’s been beaten like that and not able to defend herself. Now she’s not the victim, so she’s going to do her best to defend Kristina like she wasn’t able to defend herself in the past. Because of that, she refuses to even acknowledge that someone other than Ethan is responsible.

Call me crazy, but I liked the Carly/Sonny scene. It was all woe is me on his side, but she quickly explained to him that Kristina is not like his mother and that she has a strong support group around her and will get through this.

I loved the Lulu/Maxie scene where Maxie explained her fear of what the simple act of putting on an oxygen mask means.

I loved that Dante seemed to have come to an understanding with Olivia.

That is the weirdest jury selection process ever. Alice knows the defendant, Lisa had dinner with the defendant, and Coleman pays protection to the defendant and is currently dating the defendant’s ex. There’s no way those three would have been kept, especially considering Lisa is a surgeon. However, I did love seeing Alice’s absolute joy at being part of the process.