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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

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Emily: Dr. P tries her best to get Paul to realize she's not his psycho sister Patty. When Emily attempts to get him to perform a DNA test, he shuts her down. Paul thinks "Patty" has lost her grip on reality and is still trying to pass herself off as Emily. Em tries not to blow her stack with him since she will wind up wearing a straitjacket. Meanwhile, Paul heads to court to ask for "Emily" to be taken off "Patty's" case. When Patty finds out, she starts to freak a little since she won't be able to keep tabs on Emily. Later, Patty goes by the mental hospital and drugs Em.


A scared Emily starts to become very jumpy and wired after the drug kicks in. She keeps fighting the effects in order to reach her goal of proving who she is. Patty attempts to convince the judge to allow her to stay on as the doctor for "Patty." While this is taking place, Emily pretends to be sick in order to bust into the courtroom to see Jack. She thinks if he hears from her he will realize Patty's back to her antics. Em barges in and shouts out to Jack and while she's being dragged off, she yells out to Jack about ice skating. A stunned Jack looks on and starts to think about why "Patty" would yell out such a thing...

Billy/Victoria: Sworn enemies start getting closer.

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