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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Excuse me if I’m a little scattered in this one. I’m still in shock over the fact that General Hospital got rid of Drew Garrettas Michael.

Carly/Jason: While I appreciate that someone is realizing that Kristina is a lying liar who lies, I really wish it was anyone but these two. Why couldn’t Lucky, the cop, have figured it out? Why couldn’t Sam, the PI/ex con, have been the one to realize K’s story wasn’t adding up? Why is it always Jason who comes to the rescue?

Having said that, I did like the Carly/Kristina scene. If anyone knows about lying, it’s Carly. Her line about how sometimes she opens her mouth and lies come out made me laugh, since pretty much every lie that Carly says is planned to get herself or her precious ones out of some jam that they likely got themselves into to begin with. But I did appreciate her attempt at reverse psychology, to get Kristina to trust her enough to tell her the truth.

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Ethan/Kristina: Did she say she pointed the finger at him because he was mean to her? I was so busy looking at Ethan’s face, where the scratch marks somehow migrated from his cheek down to the side of his chin, that I wasn’t paying as close attention to the conversation as I should have. I hate that Sam came in and interrupted them, because I do think Kristina was ready to admit the truth.

Is it just me, or was Diane’s opening statement basically her testimony as to what she claims happened that night? Seemed like a rather long winded opener to me. Are jurors supposed to be chatting with each other and telling each other which way they’re going to vote?

How many times is Sonny going to throw paternity in Dante’s face? Practically every time they run into each other, he brings it up in that tone of voice, like Dante better listen or else.

Line of the day:

Sonny: “I’m still your father”

Dante: “And you’re still a murderer. You’re not a father to me, you’re just a criminal”

I think it was very premature of Nikolas to tell Spencer about the baby. How confusing must that be for the child? Aunt Liz is having a baby with daddy. What about uncle Lucky and cousins Cam and Jake? That whole scene was all kinds of icky for me.

I have never been so happy to see Luke as I was today, when he walked into the PCPD to find Ethan.